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Peace arrives in Toronto.


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TORONTO, CANADA — Rylan Peace was spotted at a local bar in downtown Toronto spending time with new fans, going as far as apparently purchasing a hotel room for a travelling family making their return trip to Halifax, convinced that they had been fans of his since his brief stint in the coastal city. 


Rylan Peace was traded to Toronto from the HC Davos Dynamo less than forty eight hours ago in exchange for Toronto’s primary draft stock that had become available after the conclusion of the post-season. Peace joins a strong offensive group where he has been slated as the team’s top centre and, arguably, perhaps even their greatest raw talent on the depth chart. 


“Nonsense,” the new Legion member claimed. “Toronto did just fine offensively without me, I’m not automatically their best asset; but, I’m another note, I’m excited to be in Canada again - makes it significantly easier to manage the Saskatoon Wild.”


Rylan Peace recorded 188 points for the Dynamo in 144 games, pitting a respectable 77 goals during his tenure with the club. 


“I’m entering my prime now,” Peace said. “I retire at the end of season seventy, so there’s only four more seasons left in the metaphorical tank.”


While it is unknown if Peace will spent his final years with Toronto, it should be noted that this will be his third VHL club approaching his fourth season in the VHL.

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Honestly stoked to have him! People were sleeping on @omgitshim Arroyo when we first picked him up, just as he was entering his prime as well...and he did damage. Lot's of names out there, lot's of shake up, but I'd be stunned if Peace isn't up there with the Thompsons, Casts, etc in terms of points next season. :tor: 

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