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Johnson on his VHLM Experience


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Upcoming Canadian born draftee Ricky Johnson sat with the media to share his thoughts on his VHLM season.


"I really wish the season was still going on for us to be honest. It was rough being called up when the season only had 13 games left to play. Makes it worse that we also had an early first round exit too. Regardless, I'm taking this season in stride and I'm overall grateful for the experience it has provided me. I'm also grateful that the Minnesota Storm GM did take a chance on me too. I do wish I had performed better on the defensive end and maybe even cut down on my careless plays that lead to penalties or goals, but those are lessons to add on to the experience I've gained. Moving forward, I'm not entirely sure what my decision will be for the draft. I'd like to move on to the VHL but I also feel that I still have a lot to improve and work on. So for now, It's up in the air. This offseason will be interesting to say the least."

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