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Team Awards--S66

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Welcome to the official team award show for the Mississauga Hounds of S66! Let us begin...



Goals Leader--Callum MacElroy (53)

Assists Leader--Hulk Hogan (77)

Points Leader--Callum MacElroy (107)


Best Locker Room Presence:


Rayz Funk (2 votes)

Hulk Hogan (2 votes)

Callum MacElroy (2 votes)

Cody Smith (1 vote)

Scott Greene (0 votes)

Berocka Sundqvist (2 votes)


Normally, I'd break a tie by simply declaring a winner, but here I felt it was wrong to do anything but turn to the old random number generator...


This makes Hulk Hogan the winner of the Best Locker Room Presence award!


Most Underrated Player:


Dan Gles (4 votes)

Scott Greene (0 votes)

Berocka Sundqvist (5 votes)


Best Two-Way Forward*

I am awarding this to Cody Smith outright because originally I'd put this up to a vote and included Hulk Hogan, who, understandably, picked up the most votes. That being said, "best two-way" usually only extends to forwards, so I've decided to make that the case. Which brings us to...


Best Defenseman:

Awarded to Hulk Hogan outright because there is no contest here.






Callum MacElroy (4 votes)

Cody Smith (1 vote)

Hulk Hogan (3 votes)

Rayz Funk (0 votes)



Best Australian:

Berocka Sundqvist (6 votes)

Cody Smith (1 vote)

Callum MacElroy (1 vote)

No votes for other players were recorded.


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