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Sigard Gunnar - Rookie Profile [1/2]

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Name: Sigard Gunnar

Age: 20

Height: 6'3

Weight: 215 lbs 

Hometown: Reykjavík




Skating: Gunnar isn’t the best skater he’s not smooth as silk. Yet there’s no denying that he’s a good skater, and he’s shown flashes that he can be a great skater with some help of some good management and staff. He skates through the ice like one of the older nhl video games with no speed boost. He’s not quik on his feet yet he’s not clumsy. He’s not exciting yet he’s not boring. He’s not electric yet he’s just like a bam. On to the next one. 


Defense: You’re not gonna see him play great defense he’s not physical and that’s what you’ve seen from most of the players from Iceland mostly focused on a solid defense where you can keep a man off of the puck and not get to shoving. He doesn’t do poke checks frequently, but the way he keeps out his stick sometimes he can come from the back and prevent a breakaway for a winger his defense is great if he was a center or a defensemen it wouldn’t be too exciting. Overall something that can improve, and we’re on to the next one. 


Scoring: Gunnar had a great season in the recent games he played in Iceland. Most of that was due to goals and scoring. He can shoot a slapper well he finished his last season with nearly 10 slapshot goals. He can score one-timers then switch to defense. The wrist shot is an efficient play for him he can fire up a wrist ear then just bury it into the net. He can even be the gamebreaking goal in some key moments. Not a great shooter yet like I’ve said he can improve. On to the next one.


Puck Handling: Gunnar doesn’t give away the puck easily he’s gonna fight to keep the puck maybe even get in some dekes to embarrass the opponent. Such an overall great handler. He might struggle at first but I think he’s gonna show some people why he belongs in the VHL. He’s gonna make sure defensemen can’t get to him switch puck between his legs just to show off and he’s gonna make a GM look smart. 




Physicality: I put this at the top because it’s the best of his cons. He can easily grow into a physical player and just brutally crush the other's team's player. He doesn’t seem to want to do so. He seems scared almost to check another player and send him lights out and I’ve seen flashes of where he looks like he’ll push them off the puck aggressively , but the day just might not ever come. 


Passing: He’s an ok passer (at best). He can pass but it looks awkward he can’t really tape to tape. But in an electric high scoring league like the VHL it seems that might not be a problem for long since his other electric scores on his team can easily help him produce some points on the board. Something he won’t need to drastically change but something that could help.


Strength: He can’t really stay strong on shifts so that might be a problem though I’m sure he’s young and he can easily bulk up. He’ll most likely get better and the more the merrier. Just wanna minorly add fighting in here since he can’t fight for shit. 


(557 words ^)


Overall: A solid young but a bit older than some prospects international player not from the americas that will show his amazing talent and potential range.


(583 words ^)




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Review - Only need 3 pro's but still good to see players go above and beyond. Well written. My only suggestion would maybe be center the Age, height, weight, hometown to make it look better with the big picture

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