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Las Vegas S66 Awards Show

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Even though Vegas wasn't very good this year, there were multiple individual performances this season that should be recognized. Let it be a seasonal tradition from now on. Welcome to the S66 Las Vegas Awards Show! We don't have any cringy jokes, and we won't have the award winners hold a burger.


Best Forward


Austin Fourier 


With 66 points this year, he found a way to light the lamp when the team struggled. His 22 goals and 44 assists were impressive, and his two way game was very prevalent. 50 blocked shots is a good total for a forward, and what is most impressive about his season was his plus minus. Las Vegas finished the year at -136, and yet Fourier still only had a -4. That is incredible.


Best Defenseman


Benson Van Roosen 


Despite retiring this player and making a new player (Benson Kramer), Benson Van Roosen had a very successful year. With 60 points, his offensive game was put on display. He also led the team in blocked shots, with 174! That was the second most in the VHLM. It was a great season for Roosen, who hopes to continue his success with his new player.


Most Improved


RJ Lloris


After joining on the week of May 5th, he has hit the 130 TPE mark, and is likely going to be one of the top picks heading into next seasons VHLM draft. He had 50 points on the season, a good amount. Next season, Lloris can be a force in the VHLM if he continues his improvement.






Morpheus' impact on the ice isn't a question, his 373 hits were by far the highest total on the team, but surprisingly not the most in the league. He also had 237 Penalty Minutes, making his impact notable. His defense play and willingness to get down to block shots (137 SB) makes him the Team MVP. He also threatened to crush all my bones if I didn't give him this award, so that also helps his case.



Congrats to all winners! We will see you next year for the S67 awards show!


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