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Ottawa has lost! [2/2]

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7 hours ago, Big Mac said:





The fade effect is good. The jersey swap on Tuuka is ok. The other jersey swap is not good and is way off. Also watch out because I can see white outlines around the logos. It would be nice to see you warp them to property have the bends and flow of a jersey. Good job!

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Review: I agree with everything Motz added above. I'm not sure what software you're using, but I'd like to see a few more elements put into the graphic next time. Try overlaying different "stocks" i.e. images that can create different effects on top of the signature. Things with lots of contrast or interesting lighting are usually great starting points. Let me know if you have any questions, and keep at it.

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12 minutes ago, DollarAndADream said:

@Big Mac

Alright, so this is your first sig and I'll accept it. Not much has been done here, and the logo swaps don't look great.


Continue trying to improve and you'll get your 6 TPE, but I'd like you to try and improve. Nice attempt on this one. Not bad for a first. ;)


Thanks man, and I appreciate the little gesture. 

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