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S64 Draft by TPE: First two rounds


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1. Elias Dahlberg- 782 TPE @Nykonax Originial slot: 2nd overall     *Serious Bust

2. Brick Wahl- 773 TPE @BladeMaiden Original slot: 12th overall        *Steal

3. Pat Svoboda- 773 TPE @StamkosFan Original slot: 5th overall

4. Diljodh Starload -732 TPE @DilIsPickle Original slot: 7th overall

5. John Madden- 713 TPE @Thranduil Original slot: 6th overall

6. Ryan Sullivan Jr.- 701 TPE @Advantage Original slot: 1st overall     *Not a bust, but not as good as most first overall picks

7. Finn Davidson- 681 TPE @Poptart Original slot: 17th overall          *Steal

8. Joel Ylonen- 667 TPE @Esso2264 Original slot: 3rd overall


Second Round


9. Matthew Materazo- 574 TPE @Matt_O Original slot: 18th overall      *Steal

10. Mark Gebauer- 527 TPE @Sova Original slot: 4th overall      *Not a bust, but not up to par with the other first rounders

11. Jagger Philliefan- 504 TPE @Philliefan Original slot: 11th overall

12. Dan Baillie- 471 TPE @wcats Original slot: 19th overall      *Steal

13. Piotr Jerwa- 466 TPE @majesiu Original slot: 9th overall

14. Gucci Garrop- 424 TPE @JG10 Original slot: 14th overall

15. Evgeni Komarov- 415 TPE @Gooningitup Original slot: 21st overall       *Steal

16.  Basabara Moose- 385 TPE @Toasty Original slot: 28th overall      *Steal







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