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Shackleford Says Goodbye to Saskatoon


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With the long and grueling Season 66 over and done with, Rusty Shackleford's career with the Saskatoon Wild has come to an end. Shackleford began his VHLM career in Saskatoon, and was overjoyed to get to come back to play for Saskatoon Wild General Manager Peace when Saskatoon chose him with their 1st pick of the Season 66 draft. Shackleford shed blood and tears for Peace and every one of his teammates in Saskatoon. Shackleford's season and tenure with the Wild came to an end after his team was eliminated in the semi-finals. 


Shackleford wanted to personally thank many of the great friends and mentors that he made along the way in his time in the minors, including @Peace, @Renomitsu, @nethi99, @Oost, @Jus, @Advantage, and all the others that made Saskatoon such a great place to play. 


Shackleford was rumored to have been upset following the Wild's elimination loss, breaking every single one of his sticks, and one of his goalie Juandice's as well. After the handshake line and reconvening with his teammates, Shackleford is rumored to have shed a few tears, but he has denied this, stating that it was only "pain juice coming out my eyes."


Although this major chapter of Shackleford's life is over, he is also looking forward to the future, and excited to play in the VHL under GM Advantage for the Malmo Nighthawks. 

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