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In West Philadelphia #4


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The City of Philadelphia is once again celebrating a sports championship. In only their second season the Philadelphia Reapers took home the Founders Cup. The team was a cup favourite from the start of the season and ended the season the right way after defeating the Ottawa Lynx in five games. After finishing in last place in their inaugural season in the league, the win felt even sweeter for players like Walter Clements and Sunny Burst, players who went through the eleven win season in Season Sixty-Five. Clements played exceptionally well during the Reapers fourteen playoffs games, finishing tied for the team lead in scoring in the post-season, Clements put up eight goals and eleven assists during those fourteen games, the exact same totals as fellow forward Bjorn Scoringsonn. Burst didn’t see any time in the fourteen playoff games due to the play of Kolur Bjoernsson in net. Bjoernsson won twelve of those fourteen playoffs games, putting up a .907 save percentage and 2.23 goals against average. The twelve wins and 2.23 goals against average were both league high, something that should help Bjoernsson in the Skylar Rift talk. Although those three players Clements, Scoringsonn and Bjoernsson helped lead the way, the Reapers were build with incredible depth. That depth helped them run over the competition once it came to the post-season. General Manger Blade was rewarded fairly for her hard work this season.

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