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ECN's "VHL Now!" 4th Edition "Off-season!"

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ECN's "VHL Now!"

4th Edition "Off-season!"


Welcome to next edition of “VHL Now!” and we are back here with Off-season that has just started. Even though Draft and Free-agency is yet to come, there have been plenty of trades we can analyse and think who is gonna lose their spot as a contender and who will take their place!

Riga. Isn’t that already a sentence of something unexpected? Riga in last 2 days has made trades that not only exchanged quality players for draft picks but added to that allowed them to get 1st Overall pick in S67 VHL draft! One interesting question is – why Riga made a trade to acquire E.Dahlberg and P.Svoboda? Isn’t that a weird move considering they moved both Randoms and Podrick Cast just a few hours later?

At ECN’s we consider this to be a truly excellent move by GM Hedgehog as he understood that there have to be some roster changes after a truly embarrassing Playoff run. By trading away two players, adding two, shuffling around a few picks and ending up with 1st Overall just shows how you can be a contender and at the same time draft high. Let’s hope that the 1st Overall that Riga will choose will be dominant and pair extremely well with HHH.

Moscow/Vancouver trade was intriguing and interesting as Vancouver decided to trade away their Number 1 goaltender in Roger Sterling and got back a solid backup in Chase. The question stands – why this move? Vancouver is still be considered a contender, so unless they have a secret backup plan of going all in on some other upcoming trade or free agent, there is a big chance that they might move down a step and be a Cup hopeful. 

ECN views this as a huge bargain because even though there is a goalie in Free agency that had the career year in Brick Wahl, it will hard to make Wranglers All-star to not take the deal that Calgary will offer.

Upcoming VHL and VHLM drafts are quite strong when it comes to talent. All rounds feature potential Star players, so it will be interesting to see how teams will use their assets. We at ECN believe that this year will be most valuable for teams like Seattle and Davos who have a plethora of picks to use. Seattle’s 9 picks in first 4 rounds of the draft will have a great chance at helping them to become a playoff and cup contender in the upcoming seasons. For a team like Malmo, this draft will only add to their successful first season in VHL and in the end, we might even see more moves by GM Advantage at the draft!

Question of VHL Expansion?

There has been a talk that with the rising amount of players in VHL this past seasons we are at a troubling position as ice-time will once again be a problem and players will be forced to play less than 15 minutes per game. Considering how short player career is, ice-time could push some of the players away from a chance to one day be a Hall of Fame Inductee. So the question is simple – do we expand or should we consider other alternatives like an affiliate league between VHL and VHLM?

That is gonna be it for this weeks ECN’s “VHL Now!” If you have any ideas on how to make ECN better, write to our Chief Editor Frostbeard. As always, this is brought to you by Frostbeard Entertainment. 



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