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S66 Trivia Week 7 Results


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Well that's it for S66. Last trivia results of the season, with end of season TPE to follow. First, week 7 answers:


1. Which goalie achieved the highest save percentage for a rookie goaltender? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @Jtv123)

There's been a few fine rookie performances through the years, but no one's topped Benoit Devereux's .936 save percentage set back in S10. There was even talk of him being the first goalie to be crowned MVP despite playing for a distinctly average Avangard team. Instead, that had to wait until Daisuke Kanou in S21, while Aidan Shaw swooped in to take the name of the top goalie trophy - Devereux had to eventually settle for the VHLM award being named after him.


2. How many shots on goal did the S58 VHLM MVP take that season? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @Jubo07)

A bit of random one but hey, trivia is trivia. Adam Warlock, eventual curse-breaker with Davos and back-to-back champion with Toronto, was VHLM MVP back in S58 thanks in large part to a shoot-first mentality which generated 894 shots that season.



2 capped TPE goes to:

Matt_O @Matt_O

Beaviss @Beaviss


Snussu @Snussu

Jubo07 @Jubo07

FerdaJets @FerdaJets

chillzone @chillzone

HenrikZoiderberg @HenrikZoiderberg

Josh. @Josh.

FakeJenton @FakeJenton

bluesfan55 @bluesfan55

motzaburger @Motzaburger

Beketov @Beketov

ItsMcLovin @ItsMcLovin

Philliefan @Philliefan

BladeMaiden @BladeMaiden

Xdpark @xDParK

11 Eleven @11 Eleven

PenKnight @PenKnight

Renomitsu @Renomitsu

Gabella19 @Gabella19

rjfryman @rjfryman

street @street

CowboyinAmerica @CowboyinAmerica

Mini Muu @Mini Muu

FrostBeard @FrostBeard

trevmi99 @trevmi

Ace @Ace

Edustava @Edustava

DoktorFunk @DoktorFunk

HulkHogan @HulkHogan

DilIsPickle @DilIsPickle

GustavMattias @GustavMattias

AndrewWarren13 @AndrewWarren13

Dilly Dilly @Dilly Dilly

DilIsPickle @DilIsPickle

berocka @berocka

no_dangles @No_Dangles

okocha5 @okocha5

Jesse Nyman @Jesse Nyman

Rayzor_7 @Rayzor_7

Matmenzinger @Matmenzinger

Cran @Cran

Midnite @Midnite

Cornholio @Cornholio

DMaximus @DMaximus

Quik @Quik

AcousticKazoo @AcousticKazoo

ontanis @ontanis

Donno100 @Donno100

jRuutu @jRuutu

hedgehog337 @hedgehog337

jack @jack

Smarch @Smarch

banko @banko

Esso2264 @Esso2264

cody73 @cody73

Green @Green

Enorama @Enorama

flyersfan1453 @flyersfan1453

Nykonax @Nykonax

sebster03 @Sebster03

SidTheKid87 @SidTheKid87

Sixersfan549 @Sixersfan549

Sonnet @Sonnet

Jtv123 @Jtv123

Acydburn @Acydburn

Positivefan036 @Positivefan036



1 capped TPE goes to:

Greg_Di @Greg_Di

TheLastOlympian07 @TheLastOlympian07

Steve @Steve

Hughjas_ @HughJas_

gorlab @gorlab

Joubo @Joubo

Gaudette @Gaudette

Velevra @Velevra

wcats @wcats

Kylrad @Kylrad

DenisLever @DenisLever

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