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Condor Adrienne's Winning Debut Year

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Condor Adrienne's Winning Debut Year

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor cam newton victory


Who would have thought, a Founder’s Cup in the first (short) season that Condor Adrienne played in. No opponents had to be assassinated, no matches had to be fixed, the opponents all stepped aside pretty easily. Perhaps the powers of the international crime syndicate already reached earth and the opponents were just afraid to get on the bad side of Anna Villani.  The intergalactic crime lord has her star quarterback working on his defense in the VHL and she definitely needs to make sure he wont get fatally injured. Any other injuries can be patched up easily in the holo-tanks that the Galactic Football League uses to recover their players, but dead is dead, nothing can fix that.


The first season Adrienne has definitely just worked on his defensive play and in the Philadelphia championship team he rarely featured on the scoresheet. In the regular season he played 27 games in which he had just four assists, had a positive contribution on the ice with a +14 rating and just seven shots. He was better defensively, with 34 penalty minutes (usually used to stop open chances off the opponent), 35 hits and 12 shots blocked the Reapers their third line counted on Adrienne. The depth was an exceptional strength of this team, no matter which line entered the ice, it were people that could be counted on. From the games that Adrienne featured in, the Reapers won 22 and only lost 5 which is approximately 81% of their games. If you compare this to the other part of the season, 34 wins out of 45 games, that was a 76% win rate. This shows the team clearly benefitted from Adrienne’s arrival (and of course also the other trades happening around that time).


When looking at the Playoffs the Reapers were really a dominating team. From the 14 playoff games played this year, they won 12 off them and had a positive goal for and against ratio of +24. The team closest to this was the Saskatoon Wild with a +10 ratio, but the Wild just weren’t ready to be matched up with the Reapers. While Condor Adrienne does not feature in the rankings for players in the playoffs, he did improve on a personal level.  In the 14 playoff games played he was good for four points (1 goal and 3 assists), a +5 rating, 8 penalty minutes,27 hits and 11 shots blocked. So all are numbers that are a step up from his regular season play, considering this all happened in less games played.


The big plan all along for Condor was to score the winning goal in the finals and then preferably the game winner in game seven. This plan especially did not go as planned as his only goal did come in the finals, but it came in the one game that they dropped to the Ottawa Lynx, so there was no reason for him to celebrate this.


With the finals win his first season in the VHLM comes to an end, Adrienne had a season to get used to the play, but now it will be his time to step up.

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