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Condor Adrienne’s Draft Day Wishes


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Condor Adrienne’s Draft Day Wishes


For Orbiting Death quarterback Condor Adrienne there are some days ahead of him that will decide his immediate future. He has only heard from Minnesota Storm outside of the franchise he signed up with to play for as a waiver. In the draft interview Adrienne mentioned he would prefer remaining at Philadelphia, but we all know that it doesn’t mean anything. Despite the players wishes a team still could select him and play him as there are no holdouts in the league.  


Condor Adrienne hopes to remain at Philadelphia but also realizes defense is not the teams strongest need right now with three other defenseman staying down next season. With Adrienne looking for top minutes and to sit on the teams #1 Powerplay line, he also realizes he needs to work hard to make this happen.


But with nothing to be heard of the other franchises and the Minnesota Storm moving up to the number one spot, Adrienne really has no idea who will select him and where he will end up. He does hope to be able to speak to the GM’s in question about their plans, as next to the top minutes on regular strength and powerplay, he also hopes to play for a team in contention of the cup, as this will be his first and only full season in the VHLM.

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