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WSJ Anxious About S67 VHLM Draft


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WSJ Anxious About S67 VHLM Draft


It will be interesting to see how the S67 VHLM Draft shakes out. While it does not hold the same luster or prestige as the VHL Draft, the VHLM is still a big deal especially for those young, aspiring S68 VHL Draft prospects as they will get the full experience (even if it is just for one season). In the Live S68 VHL Draftee Ranking, Icelandic defenseman Wolf Stansson, Jr. has risen up the rankings to slot in at #3 behind two well-established and reputable defensemen in Lance Flowers and Condor Adrienne. This makes defensemen the best talent position-wise in the rankings with four in the top-five (if I'm not mistaken). 


WSJ has, in the past, made his intentions clear that he wishes to remain with Minnesota where the organization was the very first organization to give him a chance. They enabled WSJ to grow while providing plenty of playing time (increasing with each game) toward the final stretch run last season. WSJ is very appreciative of that although it seems that Minnesota is playing very aggressive with their deals in hopes of stockpiling on talent from this S67 VHLM Draft. It will be interesting to see if their moves pays off - but odds are WSJ will not return to Minnesota next season, which adds to his anxiety whilst waiting out his destination next season. 


In the meantime, WSJ has been hard at work on a lot of different aspects of his game back on his home rinks in Iceland. There have been reports that Stansson has improved his puck handling/passing/scoring in anticipation of becoming a more well-rounded threat and a better contributor for his lone full VHLM season. 

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