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UNDERCOVER - Meeting between Frans Eller and Philadelphia Reapers


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Frans Eller was seen with Philadelphia Reapers GM sitting down at a local coffee shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this morning. A fan in the shop sat in the booth next to them to eavesdrop on the discussion. He took the following photo to validate his claims and posted it on social media site, Twitter.





“So, this is where the cheesesteaks are made?”


“No Frans, this is a coffee shop. They make coffee here.”


“Ah, Philadelphia Coffee. You use the Philadelphia Cream Cheese in coffee, ya?”


“No, just regular cream and sugar, or black, or just sugar.


“Oh. So it’s not, special, like Philadelphia Cream?”


“Frans, do you want to play for the Reapers or are you just here as a tourist visit for all the stereotypical Philadelphia things?”


“Oh, of course I want to play here with the Reapers. Where do the Eagles play?”


It seems that the Reapers had a certain theme or topic in mind when discussing Philadelphia with Frans, but it quickly went off the rails. We’ll keep our ears to the ground on how this progresses.

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