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Scott Greene in the VHLM: A Retrospective on S67

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Scott Greene’s Season 67 Retrospective


Scott was kind enough to write an entire column for us about his perspective on his season in the VHLM. Here it is, unedited.


When I started here in Mississauga last May, I was full of myself, I’ll admit. I thought I was hot stuff and I was going to tear open the VHLM on my way to the VHL. I had so much I needed to learn. I didn’t say it outwardly, but I had a huge chip on my shoulder. I wanted to show everyone the person that I thought I was! I had a rude awakening ahead of me.


The season started, and the Hounds came out hot. I didn’t. I had no idea what I was doing. I would flounder, miss, take penalties. It got to the point that I was so frustrated that I dreaded going onto the ice, something I’ve loved since I was a little kid. I couldn’t write music, go out and see concerts, exercise or do anything I loved. It got me to my very core. My relationship suffered and I fell into a panic. I had to do something.


I spoke to Jerry Garcia, our GM, and he was so nice. “Hey man, try opening up. These guys are chill and cool, and maybe they can help you out, man.” After some self-medication courtesy of Jerry, I started to open up and speak with some of the guys. They couldn’t have been cooler. We started hanging out, playing games, getting food, and slowly but surely, my play improved. I needed to chill out and focus on enjoying where I was and the new freedom that I had gained. I had never lived in a place where my family wasn’t. I had never embraced a plan and not had a safety net. And I’m so glad I did.


See, at the start I was afraid. I was afraid of looking at myself in the mirror and paralyzed that I might not succeed at all.The thing I was most afraid of, however, was growing. But you have to push past that fear. The best things in life are on the other side of fear, and once I managed to get past that, I blossomed. I feel so much better about everything in my life. It’s not just me saying that, either. My relationship is amazing and I’m more excited to be playing hockey than ever before. And it’s all because of the Hounds.


What an amazing season. Seriously, these were some of the best times of my life. When I first walked into the locker room back in May, I was apprehensive, I’ll admit. I had just come from college in my hometown, moved all the way up to Canada to play for a team that had just formed, and didn’t know anyone. I managed to come out of my shell a little and really open up. The first person to help me with that was Jerry Garcia. When he contacted me about joining the team, he couldn’t have been nicer. “You’re gonna love it here, man,” he said, coughing after each sentence. “The guys are all very chilled out.” And they were.


Hulk Hogan, Callum McElroy, Cody Smith, Rayz Funk, Berocka Sundqvist, Dan Gles, Danny DeYeeto, the list goes on. Sorry if I didn’t name you, I’m writing this at 3am so the paper can publish it the next day. I can’t explain how much this time meant to me. You all have been so amazing, from the beginning of the season all the way through to today.


So, now we’re here. Right before the VHL entry draft. I’m not nervous anymore. I’m not afraid. I’m ready for a challenge, and I know that I’ll come out on the other side the better for it. To my brothers on the Hounds: thank you. I love you. And I can’t wait to play with you and against you for many years to come.







667 words, claiming for week ending on 7/7

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