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Marlins: Don't Expect Us On Draft Day

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The San Diego Marlins had a great first year, despite the late-season decline, they had a lot of fun with the season and in their inaugural season, proved if they want to compete with the best, they certainly can. And while the season ended very short in the playoffs with an unfortunate sweep to a spectacular Halifax squad. Regardless, the players, the management staff and the fans alike, were happy to be a part of the experience. 


However with that season behind them, a bold statement came out from the GM of the Marlins earlier today, where he announced it would be very unlikely if they attended the draft. And he gave us a reason as to why: 


"Our team went all in for S66, we did our best to manage our assets for that season to allow us to do so, unfortunately in doing so, S67 will take a backseat to our long-term plans and our long-term goals. We were happy to be a part of season 66, it was a great ride but with a lot of our amazing players either leaving to find themselves in the VHL or going into the upcoming VHLM draft, we do not have a single pick and we do not plan on acquiring any picks for this upcoming draft, thus we're likely not to be there, and if we are forced to, we certainly will not be on the phones." 


What is expected, is the Marlins to have to pick and weave through potential waiver signings after the draft, the undrafted and the newbies who sign up beyond the draft, but they are looking forward to the future. 

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