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S66 VHLM Award Ceremony


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T0eQ0Es.png&key=366bd9086b1177591caad294Another exciting & rewarding season is behind us and we congratulate all teams , but especially the Philadelphia Reapers, on an amazing season. Getting that Founders Cup so quickly out of the gate is quite an accomplishment and something that @BladeMaiden and her group of players should be proud about. They've earned it! We witnessed a few expansion teams run out of the gate and to be honest, a lot surprised us and did extremely well for what the circumstances were. Right now, we have an amazing group of players, managers and whatever else in the VHLM making sure every day the league gets better and better. So despite you maybe not winning an award today, know that we appreciate you and the time you spend on this site. During my tenure with the VHLM, the league feels a lot more fun and surely a lot more alive. Thank you VHLM and those involved. Now, for your S66 VHLM Awards..



If you won an award you can claim 2 TPE. All co-winners can claim 1 TPE.


Team awards do not count as TPE. 


S66 VHLM Awards


Championship - Founder's Cup: Philadelphia Reapers :phi:

Best Regular Season Record - Prime Minister's Cup:   Philadelphia Reapers:phi:

Leading Points - Ethan Osborne Trophy: Callum MacElroy @GlowyGoat

Leading Goals - Alexander Chershenko Trophy: Callum MacElroy @GlowyGoat

Leading Assists - Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy Hulk Hogan (D) @HulkHogan


Regular Season MVP - Mitch Higgins Trophy: 


Winner: Callum MacElroy (RW)  @GlowyGoat

Other nominees:  Blake Gaudette (LW), AJ Axelsen (RW), Hulk Hogan (D), Kolur Bjoernsson (G)


Playoff MVP - Skylar Rift Trophy: 


Winner: Walter Clements (C) @cpetrella

Other Nominees: Bjorn Scoringsonn (RW), Ambrose Stark (D),  Kolur Bjoernsson (G)

Top Defenseman - Ryan Sullivan Trophy:  



Winner: Hulk Hogan  @HulkHogan

Other Nominees:  Lincoln Tate, Boone Jenton


Top Goaltender - Benoit Devereux Trophy: 


Winner:  Kolur Bjoernsson @jblock3

Other Nominees: Juan Jaundice, Pekka Pouta


Top Two-Way Forward- Matt Bentz Trophy: 


Winners: Blake Laughton & Milan Griffin  @Grape @Sogarn

Other Nominees: Cody Smith 




Top Executive - Jack Reilly Trophy: 


Winner: Philadelphia @BladeMaiden

Other Nominees: Ottawa & Halifax



Congrats to all those who have collected some hardware this season, good luck to those being drafted and build some hype... because the VHLM Dispersal Draft is TOMORROW AT 830PM EST.

@VHLM Commissioner


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Chyrnoble - .912sv% 2.24GAA 4317 MP 5SO 161GA 1829SA

Juandice .893sv% 2.62GAA 4334MP 7SO 189GA 1771SA


just throwing that out there :)


grats to all the winners though

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2 minutes ago, Nykonax said:

Chyrnoble - .912sv% 2.24GAA 4317 MP 5SO 161GA 1829SA

Juandice .893sv% 2.62GAA 4334MP 7SO 189GA 1771SA


just throwing that out there :)


grats to all the winners though

And add the fact that they only had one 200 TPE guy 2/3 of the season in an EXPANSION team. We legit wouldn't have made the playoff without him. I understand he wouldn't win that throphy, BUT NOT A NOMINEE!? What a joke

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1 minute ago, Sonnet said:


Two seasons, two top executive trophies for the expansion GMs. Coincidence? I think not


They broke the mold when they hired us lol, then you went and became a VHL AGM. Helsinki is lucky to have you and congrats on your cup as both a Goalie and AGM must feel good :)

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