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Perrin set to attend the S67 VHLM Draft


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A reliable source close to the Perrin camp reveals that Seabass Perrin still plans on attending the VHLM Entry Draft

toomorow after being selected by the Montreal Alouettes in the 6th round of the 2019 CFL draft that was held back

in early May after months of rumours stating otherwise



For the last couple of months since being selected the 2019 CFL Draft, rumours have been going around that Perrin was
contemplating on quitting hockey in order to chase an opportunity to play Canadian Football with the Alouettes. Today
however, Perrin's agent reveals to the media that this is defnitely not the case. 


His agent, Peter Jackman posted the following on twitter early yesterday morning:


"Seabass' heart is in hockey, as a Canadian it's in his blood. He definitely feels honored to have been selected by the

Alouettes after his last few successful highschool football seasons but he just wants to follow in his grandfather's footsteps
and play hockey in the VHL."


Perrin's grandfather Sebastien Perrin played almost a decade in the VHL in the early years of the league. He spent time
with the Rams/Reign, Davos Dynamo and finished his career in Calgary where Seabass was born and raised. Sebastien

Perrin even has his name on the Continental Cup after winning it back in S11 for HC Davos Dynamo.


It's not like Perrin is taking that much of a risk by walking away from football, he's currently ranked 28th overall in 
the S68 VHLSC Draft Rankings so he's almost guaranteed to be drafted to a VHL team, effectively following in his grand 
pappy's footsteps. 


Jackson elaborated on Perrin's position this morning on a local radio station in Calgary:


"The S68 VHL Entry Draft is still a fair bit away and Perrin hasn't played a single game yet in the VHLM let alone get 
drafted. There's obviously still time for him to change his mind if lets say things doesn't pan out after his first season in
the VHLM. For now though we're going to continue down the path of a hockey career and we'll reassess his situation after the
season. Obviously Perrin will make every attempt to make himself a hockey career but there's always football to turn back to 
for a plan B. Even from a financial standpoint I back my clients decision as a VHL player makes more dough than a CFL player."


The Alouette management were surprised of his decision to leave footbhall espeically after his stellar play during the 
Edmonton Huskies CJFL Prairie Conference Final run. Playing as a wide receiver, Perrin set a CJFL record for yards 
rushed in a playoff game last year in their game against the Regina Thunder with 407 yards. 


"We're dissapointed in Perrin's decision to leave football as he showed a lot a promise and we were looking forward
to seeing him develop over the next few years. For us, the pick used to draft him ends up being a wasted pick so we're not
happy about that, however we hope Perrin's decision to play hockey ends up paying off for him. "


- Montreal Alouette's GM, Kavis Reed


It'll be exciting to see where this exciting prospect will go once the VHLM draft begins toomorow at 8pm EST. Stay tuned!



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