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S67 VHLM Dispersal Draft


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2 hours ago, Banackock said:


Live From: Sydney, Australia 

Date and Time: July 2nd, 2018 @ 830PM EST



Coming soon (kinda?).



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12 hours ago, Sonnet said:


Please yes, these look so much more viable as league logos than the ugly red/blue ones

FWIW the red one hasn’t been the official VHL logo in years. We just never really got a VHLM one to match.

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2 hours ago, jack said:




Think that would have all available, not sure though.



4 hours ago, CowboyinAmerica said:


+ Is there a list of available players somewhere?


5 hours ago, Sixersfan549 said:

is there a draft page rn to see the order?






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