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Jacob Scott Readying Himself for the VHLM Draft


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Scott Stoked for the Upcoming VHLM Draft


Jacob Scott, a S68 prospect, is expected to be drafted into the VHLM on Tuesday night. And while all the general managers are hard at work preparing for tomorrow, Scott took a much-needed vacation to visit family back home.


After a few extra practice sessions while still in Vegas after finishing off his shortened season with the Aces, Scott managed to fly back to New England for a few days to visit with his family for the first time since being signed.


When asked about his vacation interfering with any training for the draft, Scott stated that he practiced as much as possible and will hopefully be using the few games he played to suffice for any “previous work experience.”


After hearing the results of the draft Tuesday, Jacob Scott plans on flying out to Chicago for a day before making another flight to his team’s city. Find out where Jacob Scott will be drafted tomorrow night at the VHLM Draft.

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