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Introducing Team Western Europe | S66 World Cup

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Introducing Team Western Europe



The VHL announced this week that it will hold the World Cup of Hockey as part of it's Season 66 off-season; a tradition that takes place every two seasons. For Team Western Europe, the past two World Cup's have not been all that successful; finishing with a losing record in round robin play both years. This season the team hopes to assemble a roster to change that trajectory. The executive management of Team Western Europe has reviewed the eligible players and finalized the roster for this tournament. The roster will feature players from three different countries: Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The team will also include three players who have played in three previous World Cups (S60, S62, S64) and four players making their international World Cup debuts. While they will not be picked as the favorite to win the tournament, they have a nice mix of veterans and young talent that may prove to be difficult to play against. Let's meet the team. 


FORWARDS [Average TPE: 457] 

Podrick Cast | United Kingdom | S61 (Captain)

Mark Gebauer | Germany | S64

The Charm | Ireland | S59

Hans Gruber | Germany | S66 

Lew Bronstein | United Kingdom | S61  

Aston Martin | United Kingdom | S67


The offense is led by superstar center and captain of Team Western Europe, Podrick Cast, who has played in three previous World Cups (S60, S62, S64). In the last World Cup in S64, despite the teams lack of success, Cast eclipsed a point-per-game in round robin play with 11 points in 10 games. Without a doubt the team will be relying on him for goal scoring and if they do make a cinderella run, Cast will be the main reason why. Cast is flanked by a mix of veterans and younger players to round out the offensive group. The Charm and Lew Bronstein have also played in the same aforementioned 3 World Cups, but havent quite amounted the VHL success that Cast has. Gebauer, Gruber and Martin have less international experience than the rest of the group, but will be hungry to produce at this level and on this international stage. Overall, this is a pretty scrappy bunch and definitely have some top end talent with Podrick Cast.


DEFENSE [Average TPE: 600]

Joseph McWolf | United Kingdom | S63 

Konstantin Mulligan | Ireland | S62

Lando Baxter | Ireland | S62

Denver Wolfe | Ireland | S65 


The defense is likely the strongest group of Western Europe's roster. Led by veteran Joseph McWolf, who will be making his third World Cup appearance, this defensive core definitely can compete with the rest of the teams in this tournament. Mulligan and Baxter also provide previous World Cup experience and veteran presence; both being S62 draft picks that have had successful VHL careers so far.  Denver Wolfe is a S65 draft pick who just wrapped up his first VHL season with Vancouver. He'll be playing in his first World Cup and will provide the back end with a smooth offensive defenseman. This is a solid veteran group that can set the tone for the team and help shut down the top-end talent we will see in this tournament.  


GOALIES [Average TPE: 577]

Finn Davison | United Kingdom | S64

JB Rift | Ireland | S64


The netminders are a pair of S64 draft picks in Finn Davison and JB Rift. The likely starter will be Finn Davison to begin the tournament, who statistically had his best season of his VHL career this past season with Davos. Davison was also on the S64 Team Europe team in the World Cup so like a lot of his teammates, he has experience playing in these types of games. JB Rift will also see some action in the tournament, who is coming off a fairly solid year for Toronto despite their struggles. Both goalies have proved they can play in the VHL and Western Europe is in good hands with both of them. 

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