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Season 66 Team Western Europe


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Official Team Announcement:  Link to Release



Introducing S66 Team Western Europe




Podrick Cast | United Kingdom | S61 (Captain) @Victor

Mark Gebauer | Germany | S64 @Sova

The Charm | Ireland | S59 @Tyler

Hans Gruber | Germany | S66 @TheFlash

Lew Bronstein | United Kingdom | S61 @troy

Aston Martin | United Kingdom | S67 @Sullvino



Joseph McWolf | United Kingdom | S63 @McWolf

Konstantin Mulligan | Ireland | S62 @Pandar

Lando Baxter | Ireland | S62 @Elhandon

Denver Wolfe | Ireland | S65 @InstantRockstar



Finn Davison | United Kingdom | S64 @Poptart

JB Rift | Ireland | S64 @Devise

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