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Hot Take with Scott Stokes Episode One: VHLM Draftee Jeff Downey


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Hot Take with Scott Stokes Episode One: VHLM Draftee Jeff Downey


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Scott Stokes - Host of Hot Take


Scott Stokes: Hello and welcome to Hot Take with me your host, Scott Stokes. We are coming to you from lovely Sydney, Australia, site of tonight’s S67 VHLM Dispersal draft. This weekly piece will cover all things VHL and VHLM to keep you up to date on the premier hockey league in the world. This week I have VHLM draft hopeful Jeff Downey joining me. How are you today Jeff?


Jeff Downey: I’m good Scott, thanks for having me.


Scott Stokes: So Jeff; you are among the newest members of the VHL system that will be taking part in tonight’s Dispersal draft. Can you give everyone watching a little summary of what kind of impact you think you’ll have on the league.


Jeff Downey: Well if there is one thing I hope to bring to whatever team decides to draft me I believe that will be dependability. All through my hockey career I have had doubters that have said I couldn’t live out my dreams. I started playing hockey fairly late in my life, at 12, and ever since then I have had to overcome a lot of hurdles. Whatever team decides to pick me in this draft will get my full dedication in the practice facility. I plan on being one of the best to ever suit up in this league.


Scott Stokes: For a little background on yourself you come from a family with some VHL history in their bloodline. Your grandfather by the same name was the first ever draft pick and captain of the Helsinki Titans. Did your grandfather have a big impact on your decision to pick the Victory Hockey League over other such options as the SHL? And do you model your game after him at all?


Jeff Downey: I have never actually met my grandfather but he has no doubt had a big impact on who I am today. Although his career in this league is what a lot of people would consider to be an enormous disappointment I feel that I can learn from what he went through here and try to improve upon the family name. As for playstyle we are both big bodied, physical defensemen so I guess you could say he influenced me there. I’ve watched videos of him playing and it has definitely had an impact on how I play. The game has definitely changed since then but there will always be a need for defensemen who can play at both ends of the ice. As for selecting between the VHL and other league options there was never a question in my mind. I am looking to play in the top league against the top competition. I am not going to find that anywhere else in the world.


Scott Stokes: Great insight into your past Jeff. In reference to tonight’s dispersal draft do you have any preference on where you land? I know you spent a limited amount of time on the Saskatoon Wild this past season, would you like to return there?


Jeff Downey: My time in Saskatoon was very limited so I didn’t really get to know any of the guys over there very well. Although the time was limited it was definitely a great learning experience and I picked up some knowledge that will be irreplaceable going forward. I would definitely return there if I had a chance. I don’t really have any other preferences when it comes to location but I will definitely put in maximum effort wherever I land. Any team that picks me will not be disappointed in the player they get.


Scott Stokes: Looking further into the future do you have any preference on which VHL team you could possibly land on?


Jeff Downey: Much the same as the VHLM I will put maximum effort into improving whichever VHL team I land on. If I had to pick one team as a preference it may be the Helsinki Titans. The fact that they just won the championship as well as the history of my grandfather being the first ever captain in team history would definitely be special. I would absolutely love to be able to come in and help bring that team to another championship to help correct my family legacy with that franchise.


Scott Stokes: Back onto tonight’s draft. Have any teams contacted you in regards to where you may be going?


Jeff Downey: I’ve had one team take an interest in me. They sent some scouts over to my place to have a talk with myself and my parents. It was really great to see a team taking that much interest in me. It is really humbling to know that I am possibly getting this close to fulfilling my dreams.


Scott Stokes: As one final question. Could you give the fans an explanation of what they should expect to see when Jeff Downey steps onto the ice for their team? What kind of player is Jeff Downey in his own words?


Jeff Downey: Oh boy you’ve really put me on the spot with that one. What type of player do I think I am? I am a player that is going to bring excitement to the ice every time I step on it. You will see big hits, you will see big shots, and you may even see me drop the gloves every once in a while. I am a player that is willing to leave it all on the ice to get my team the win. I may not put up huge offensive numbers like some of these other defenders may but I sure as hell am going to make it as hard as possible for the other team to score when I’m on the ice. I have no doubt in my mind that wherever I land the fans will not be disappointed at all. As I mentioned a couple of minutes ago Scott… I plan on, no I will end up being, one of the greatest players to ever lace it up in the Victory Hockey League.


Scott Stokes: Confident words coming from one of the young up-and-comers in the VHL. That is all the time we have for tonight folks. Please tune in at 8:30PM EST tonight to catch the S67 VHLM Dispersal Draft. I’d like to thank our guest Jeff Downey for dropping by this morning.


Jeff Downey: Thanks for having me Scott.




1079 Words - Claiming for weeks ending 7/7 & 7/14

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