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S66 Redraft

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In honor of the VHL Draft happening soon, let's take a quik look at the latest VHL draft that happened. This will be based solely on TPE. This will only include the first two rounds.


1 - Riga Reign - Hunter Hearst Helmsley - 607 TPE (-) @Beaviss

Hunter Hearst Helmsley is still far and away the best player in the draft. He had a very strong rookie season with 26 goals and 24 assists for 50 points. HHH will go down as the best player from this draft as it seems. He has the most TPE by a mile.


2 - Vancouver Wolves - Julius Freeman - 503 TPE (-) @rjfryman

Julius Freeman also stays in the same draft position as the number 2 player in this class. He and HHH are the only two to break 500 TPE. Although, Jet is hot on his tail. Freeman had a decent season with 12 goals and 27 assists for 39 points. 


3 - Seattle Bears - Jet Jaguar - 494 TPE (+7) @gorlab

One of the high risers of this class. Jet is very close to breaking 500 TPE and would join HHH and Freeman as the top 3 to do so just 1 year later. Jet had a marvelous season with 40 goals and 50 assists for 90 points. However, unlike the previous two players, Jet didn't make the playoffs as Moscow did not qualify.


4 - Riga Reign - Mikko Aaltonen - 441 TPE (-) @GRZ

Mikko Aaltonen stays in the same draft position and he is firmly in the 4 spot. 50 TPE behind Jet but 13 ahead of Jerry Garcia. Mikko scored 18 goals and assisted on 16 goals for 34 points in his rookie season which is a decent.


5 - Moscow Menace - Jerry Garcia - 428 TPE (+2) @GustavMattias

Jerry Garcia moves up a few spots and ends up in Moscow. During a trying rookie season in Malmo, Jerry was a bright spot with 4 goals and 27 assists for 31 points. A nice total for a rookie on a new team in the league. He was also solid defensively with 145 shots blocked.


6 - HC Davos Dynamo - Apollo Hackett - 423 TPE (+10) @Renomitsu

Apollo Hackett is the biggest riser in the draft class going from 16th overall IRL to 6th in this redraft. Apollo had a decent year with 1 goal and 31 assists for 32 points. He also had 239 hits, so he really laid the body into players.


7 - Malmo Nighthawks - Charlie Paddywagon - 415 TPE (-1) @DMaximus

Charlie falls to the Malmo NIghthawks at pick 7 from 6. Charlie seemed to struggle offensively with 1 goal and 15 assists for 16 points this season. Charlie also put up 89 shots blocked in limited minutes.


8 - Riga Reign - Shawnomir Jagr - 407 TPE (+6)

Shawnomir Jagr was another player who jumped up quite a bit in this redraft (counting the points this week, I would be in 7th technically but we also don't account for Charlie putting in work as well). Shawnomir seemed to struggle this season with just 11 goals and 5 assists for 16 points. Jagr has been working on his passing this off-season to hopefully get more points next season. He will also be given more PP time so that will help as well.


9 - Riga Reign - Arnor Sigurdsson - 399 TPE (-) @bluesfan55

Arnor is one of 9 players to break 400 TPE from this draft class (yes I know, 399 but pretty much 400). Arnor struggle like Jagr with 6 goals and 6 assists for 12 points during the season. Arnor though should be improving as he gets more ice time and more practice hours.


10 - Moscow Menace - Bert Meyers - 390 TPE (+5) @RunnerBert11

Bert Meyers has had another decent climb up this redraft making it into the 1st round. Meyers had a very strong start to his career with 24 goals and 31 assists for 55 points. Meyers would have been a strong addition  to the newly formed Menace.


11 - Moscow Menace - Chico Smeb - 390 TPE (+8) @xDParK

12 - Calgary Wranglers - Dimitri Volosenkov - 384 TPE (-7) @SirRupertBarnes

13 - HC Davos Dynamo - Shane Mars - 383 TPE (-10) @Spade18

14 - Vancouver Wolves - Owen May - 382 TPE (-3) @FacebookFighter

15 - Helsinki Titans - Codrick Past - 362 TPE (-2) @Kylrad

16 - Riga Reign - Rusty Shackleford - 351 TPE (+1) @K1NG LINUS

17 - Malmo Nighthawks - Aron Nielsen - 345 TPE (-9) @solas

18 - Vancouver Wolves - John Frostbeard - 317 TPE (-6) @FrostBeard

19 - HC Davos Dynamo - Valeri Morozov - 271 TPE (+1) @Dangles13

20 - Seattle Bears - Kyle Sabertooth - 232 TPE (-2) @uphillmoss


Unfortunately cut this short because I am lazy and work is over so. Here it is. A quik redraft of the S66 VHL Entry Draft (Round 1 and 2).

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18 - Vancouver Wolves - John Frostbeard - 317 TPE (-6) 

19 - HC Davos Dynamo - Valeri Morozov - 271 TPE (+1) 

20 - Seattle Bears - Kyle Sabertooth - 232 TPE (-2) 


Aleksander Rodriguez was drafted all before them but he has more TPE then John Frostbeard (Once the update goes trough) despite having a false start (Joined late). But ok man, I still need to prove myself around here I guess : )

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