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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019:


Tonight is the night before the draft. A lot of us prospects have been hanging out all week. We all arrived last Wednesday so we can be interviewed by teams and do athletic drills to show our athleticism! I'm staying in an AirBNB in Downtown since I'm a cheap ass. The rest of the guys, however, are staying in a very expensive hotel downtown. After everything finishes at around 4PM, we let our agents handle the rest of the work for the evening. Every single night, a certain group of us have been getting dinner and doing fun stuff around the city.


Last night, we got dinner and went to the movies to watch Aladdin at 7:15 pm. Dude, Will Smith was awesome in it, like seriously, he was a god tier Genie. I'm not going to spoil the movie for you but seriously, if you enjoyed the cartoon Aladdin and you haven't seen the new one, go and watch it. Thank me later. Anyways, we went to this place called The Warehouse where they have $4 meals and I got to say, $4 Mac & Cheese is shockingly pretty good. Now I'm hungry again. I think I'm going to convince the guys to go tomorrow again.


A lot of people haven't put me high on their draft list in their media mock drafts. I've seen myself going in the 4th round in one of them. Who cares what he thinks. Regardless, this has consumed me. I've been literally eyes glued to the phone when most of the guys I know haven't really thought about it much. How the hell are they so hands off? Pfft. May be I need to be more like them or more hands off? You only get drafted once though and I want to go extremely high in the draft. I'm just happy to say I'll be going to the VHL.


I am very happy to go to the VHL. You just tend to toot your own horn a bit. Hell, whether I was taken in the 1st round or the 7th round; I'll work triple as hard to make the team and fans proud. I'm in this business to win and to win, you must work super hard. While I've been here, I've been hitting the apartment gym as well as doing the combine work. I'm not even phased man. I've been listening to Andre Agassi's book on Audible and it had me fired up. That man is the living embodiment of an athlete. The guy would get cortisone shots the night before a major tournament just so he could play. That is beyond dedication, that is legendary. Seriously, if you're an athlete looking for somebody to look up to, Andre Agassi is your man.


Cheers to the draft. I wish the prospects, GM's, Commissioners and family a wonderful night. Tomorrow is our night, so let's go out and celebrate all of our hard work and accomplishments. Good luck to everyone


Michael Johnson

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