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Luciano Valentino - Rookie Profile [1/2]

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Name: Luciano Valentino

Position: Defenseman

Age: 18

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 217 LBS

Hometown: Potenza, Italy

Handedness: Right


Luciano Valentino was born and raised in Potenza, Italy and took up hockey as his passion at a young age.  6'3" Italian Defenseman devoted much of his childhood in the rink sometimes even skipping class to meet his friends there and coming home to some angry parents.  After a stern talking to, Valentino's parents understood Luciano's love of the sport and supported him financially enrolling him into development camps and eventually minor league teams across the country. With his passion supported by his family, Valentino is looking develop into one of the most dynamic defensemen given the opportunity in the VHLM.



1. Defense

Naturally defensive-minded, Valentino has shown in the Italian minor leagues that he is more than capable in keeping pace with his opponent and takes pride in his craft. Knowing that he's a big boy, he is very comfortable in using his size and positioning to gain the upper hand in the defensive zone whether it's 5-on-5 and especially on penalty kills. He also shows no shame using that body of his to block shots game after game without relenting.


2. Puck handling

Valentino's love for stripping the puck from his opponents spilled into his love for playing keep away from them as well. Valentino led the Italian U-18 league in takeaways also resulting in the best takeaway/giveaway ratio. His stickhandling skill is much more developed than the average player his age and can dangle his way through the forecheck and into the offensive zone with ease.  With some more development, Valentino can most definitely see himself as a powerplay playmaker.


3. Skating

 Paired with his defensive prowess and skills with the puck, Valentino's slick skating both forward and backward makes his reaction times and position incredibly versatile. The speed he can build up to makes him look like a Ferrari on ice beating his opponents on breakaways and covering his defensive pair.  Coupled with his size and weight, his opponents have to keep their head on a swivel or else they get trampled by an Italian Stallion.



1. Discipline

Although Valentino may have a limitless ceiling, he lacks the guidance of a great coach that would help him gain more maturity and patience on the ice. Valentino loves to be in his opponent's face and can be labeled as a hot head causing him to lose his demeanor and take some poor penalties costing his team opportunities. Valentino is known for defending his antics in saying that his emotions are what fuel him in games however the argument can be made both ways.


2. Leadership

Valentino may have led the way in records in his Italian league however it is because of his attitude and maturity that cost him leadership positions within the locker room.  As he continues to develop into the player he'd strive to be with age, Scouts believe that the maturity will come in time becoming more of a role model for similar players on and off the ice.


3. Faceoffs

As a defenceman, Valentino had no desire to develop his skill in faceoffs because as he's said in an interview with a smirk, "That's not my job".



Valentino is a hidden gem in Italy where the talent of his kind is an anomaly.  His skills as a young, versatile defenceman can most definitely develop to an elite status that will benefit any VHLM team that drafts him. As said before, his maturity level and hot temper will most likely follow suit with age.

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Picture's good. If you double click it while you're formatting it'll give you an option to resize, maybe make it a little bit smaller for readability's sake.


Formatting is solid.


Summary and conclusion are on point.


Nothing else to say here. You're a good writer and the profile doesn't just summarize, it tells a story. Well done!

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