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BK II [1/2]

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I kinda suck at making graphics. Yes, this is supposed to be a little quirky and cheesy. Feel free to give me any advice on what I should do better for my next, as I am looking to change it up every time. 

Congratulations to all other players that were drafted tonight! 



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Review: Again. You've done it again. You managed to make even the quirky look awesome. Reapers logo is probably one of the better ones IMHO. Love the colors on this, like how the font sort of ties in with not only Bud Knight, but also the Reapers. Congrats on being 16th overall! I'd maybe make the VHL logo a bit smaller, but other than that, great job yet again BK!

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@Dilly Dilly

I like the 'poster' look of this. Something you might hang up on a bulletin board, etc.

I don't know what happened with the 2 logos, but they came out more pixelated than they should have.

Consider blending the render into the background, maybe by blurring the image a bit then editing out what you want to be the focal points.

I think different font would look better as well, but font can be really tricky if you don't make a lot of graphics.

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