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Reapers Hire New personal trainer


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The reapers feel like they have been struggling with their physicality in recent years. Although they have been winning, they have also been pushed around by other teams. They also have had a problem with injuries. Most notably Star forward Kyle Sabertooth suffered a career ending injury hoisting the cup. In order to prevent problems like this in the future, and to help a former player get a job, the reapers have hired Sabertooth to be their new trainer.

         Sabertooth has been given the responsibility of monitoring every players health and diet. According to team gm Blade “He was in the best shape on our team last year by far. His methods were far more effective than the ones our staff were using. It only made sense that we would bring him in to help our new players become as fit as he was.” In addition to handing diets and such, Sabertooth will also be responsible for the physical side of the reapers training. He will handle everything they do in the weight room, off the ice, and their skating work. With the help of Sabertooth, this team should be a beast next year 

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