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Ottawa Lynx S67 Draft

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Ottawa Lynx Draft S67


I need to do a media spot this week, (my first media spot actually) so I'll go over what led to me to drafting the specific players that are on the Lynx roster and if there’s time why I traded the way that I did. 


1st round:


I traded the 1st overall pick for the 4th overall, a 6th round pick and an 8th round (trash, thought the draft was deeper), mostly because someone came to me with an issue and wanted to help them out because I'm a sucker for sob stories. I figured the 6th rounder would be useful the 8th rounder was a 30 TPE guy who could possibly turn into something and would help someone out. Well I overestimated how large the draft was and it became useless (i’m a sucker). 


With the 4th overall pick I decided to go with a player who has had a history in the VHL, he also happened to create a player in a position that I needed to fill. There weren’t a lot of centers in this draft so I went with Thorny Underyew @jack. He’s a sniping centerman who can move the puck well. 


I ended up trading for the 6th overall due to a conversation with another GM about drafting players. I wanted a particular player but he the pick before I traded. It was the 6th OA for Ottawa’s 2nd and Minesotas 4th and Ottawas 5th in S69. The 5th is the only thing I regret about this trade and did it in the moment. I figured I could trade some assets to get the 5th back if I need it two season down the line. Was it the best no, was it the worst ehh jury's out.

I ended up getting a great player in Zeno Miniti @Zeno. One again the draft was light on centers so I went with a defensively responsive center who is pretty balanced but focuses on putting the put in the net. 


Thankfully the 10th overall pick was Ottawas to begin with so I didn’t have to trade all over to get it. I needed a winger and Anthony Hawk @ahawk2191 fit the bill perfectly. I got a steal with Anthony, coming from Philadelphia where he played a big part in their championship run. He’s a scoring winger who can dangle the puck while quickly passing defenders. I’m a big fan of the defensive side of his game. 


I traded away the 2nd round pick for the 6th overall:


I ended up with 2 third round picks, I ended up trading David Lindberg for a third and i’m glad I did. It cleared up space for Aamon Grim @aCrypticPancake. He caught my eye with how much he’s claiming TPE. Aamon is an offensive defenseman who has great hands and great defensive ability. I can’t wait to see him take off this season. 


With Ottawa’s 3rd round pick I went with the lesser known winger Micha Sage @AcousticKazoo. Micha impressed me with his play on the ice and attitude. Micha Sage is a scoring forward who also has the ability to play in his own end and put the puck in the net.He is going to be a great asset going forward in Ottawa, and everyone should watch out.


In the 4th round Ottawa had the first pick from the Bulls which was in Ottawa when I took over the team. I was happy to select Taruas Karazija @ontanis. Tauras is a defensive defenseman who has excelled at playing in his own end. He is extremely personable when talking to the media and is going to be a big part of this team going forward. I was suprised he fell to the 4th round but was happy with select him 34th overall. 


Next up was the 38th pick that I received in a trade for Bendan James Lawn, was the player for 2 4th round picks. Both of these picks turned out to be great and I don’t regret the deal. It gave me room for all of the upcoming defenseman that we’re draft. With the 38 pick I selected Jacob Scott @jscott. He is a two way defenseman that can set up his teammates as well as take the body and play defensively. He stood out as an active player and I wanted him on my roster. 


My 40th pick, also received in the Lawn deal was for future super star Raymond Bernard @Mr_Hatter. This pick was a bit of a grab but considering I didn’t have any in the 5th it was worth it, especially since after I drafted him a couple of other GM’s wanted him. We’ve just begun working with Bernard in the practice facility but he’s going to be a hell of a goalie. 


5th Round Ottawa did not have any picks


In the 6th round Ottawa had the pick from the Minnesota Storm. I selected Wonona Levantoes @oramuda. A new player to the VHLM but impressed the scouts with their ability to put the puck in the net.Much like Bernard we’ve just begun working with them in the practice facility. Expect great things going forward!


With Ottawas last pick in the 6th round, we selected Journeyman Titus LaClass @Termancy. LaClass spent 72 games in the VHLM last year and was without a team. Having played for SSK he was work taking a shot at on the roster. He is a pass first forward who is responsible. He’s a great addition to the locker room. 


In the 7th round and the second to last pick in the draft 76th overall the Ottawa Lynx selected Davoid Souter @boomshocks. Raw but with massive amounts of potential and an absolutely steal in the draft. He is a pass first defenseman who can take the body to make a play and keep on ticking. Expect great things from this man!


Considering this was my first draft as general manager and haven’t been around for another one. Also not knowing what to expect going forward, over valuing picks/undervaluing picks, just becoming a huge mess, I think I did okay. I achieved my goal of stocking the locker room with some grade A talent, have some great guys on the team who are all more than willing to help each other. Those picks, while not the best on paper led me to specific players and for that I can’t regret those decisions. I’m looking forward to the season and what these guys are going to bring to the VHLM and the VHL going forward. Personally this has been a learning experience and now that I have a season of drafting under my belt, can’t wait for the next. 


word count 1118 claiming for week 7/7 and 7/14

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