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Jaxon Walker post s67 VHLM dispersal draft press conference

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1. were you happy to be drafted by the Hounds?

2. looks like you will one of their offensive leaders this season. excited?

3. any reason why do you have strength as the one of the highest attribute so far?

4. do you already have favorite teammate?

5. are you happy with your draft position or too low?

6. as the Massachusetts representative, do you wanna see a VHL/VHLM team in that area? like Boston?

7. do you think the team can fight for the championship this season?

8. is the Bruins your fav hockey team?

9. do you like Marchand?

10. your next season expectations on personal level?



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1. sure. cant say i had a real preference as it was but they were welcoming so i cant complain.

2. surprised is more like it. im more of a support role but we will see how things go.

3. with a SK first mentality, i want high ST to be able to maintain possession. 

4. i will always rep my team first so Hounds it is. 

5. completely fine with it. just happy to be on a team.

6. of course. love or hate boston sports i dont think anyone can deny its always been a decent sports city so why not? nothing id push for but id back it for sure.

7. i have no idea to be honest, ill have to try and gauge that come preseason.

8. yes.

9. when hes not being a dumbass. wouldnt say hes a favorite though.

10. just grind it out really. stick with it and deal with things as they come at me. thats about all you can do honestly.



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