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Mac Hooper - Diet and Fitness, Preseason Prep


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We took some time out of our day to follow Mac around now that he has been drafted in the VHLM by the Minnesota Storm alongside Berocka Sundqvist and Danny DeYeeto, to see what he has been doing in order to prepare himself for the coming VHLM season.


He had a brief relaxing period in the off-season, catching up with some friends and playing video games, before setting himself up to begin a workout and diet plan in order to build his body, spending ample amount of time in the gym in order to develop his muscles and all around fitness,  and a good amount of time in the pool swimming to improve his overall fitness levels. as well as plenty of on ice training both on and off the puck, ranging from passing and shooting drills with teammates to speed skating. 


As for his diet, he has recently swapped to a mostly grain and fruit diet, starting the day with cereal, his personal favourite being granola and a banana or apple, sometimes a smoothie. Followed by more fruit at lunch though he has considered changing this out for a salad instead to make sure his vegetable intake is at a good level. Sometimes he will have a cereal bar before or after training followed by a rice based meal with vegetables for his main meal in the evening. 

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