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Hot Takes with Van

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This article is the first in what I hope to make a series of Hot Takes. My takes will be bold predictions of the future. I will be covering both the VHL and VHLM teams as well as individual players.  Feel free to call me out if you wish on some of these especially if/when I am proven completely wrong in my predictions.



All the predictions will be made in good fun though some may not be too complimentary of different teams and/or players.  I hold no ill will to anyone.


Seattle Bears


After 3 years being a top team, twice with the best record, Seattle tanked last season in regards to both the standings and in trading away players for picks. Now sitting with 8(!) picks in the first 2 rounds, Seattle is primed to expedite the rebuild and return to the top of the league.


Hot take

Of the 8 picks Seattle will make, only 2 of the players drafted will still be on the team when they win again... in S68.


Mexico City


Mexico City started last year well defensively and finished better than they probably should have.  GM Nykonax is an unorthodox GM who has been left in charge of Mexico City to try turn the franchise into a winner.


Hot take

Not only will Nykonax fail to turn Mexico City around, but Mexico will finish DEAD LAST next season.  The locker room will be a mess with all the losing and Nykonax will be forced to trade whatever he has of value at the deadline. 


Lincoln Tate @Tate



Lincoln Tate burst into the VHLM in S66 with an incredible 20 goals, 66 assists for San Diego. Tate earned TPE at an incredible rate of 24.8 (!) per week. He is currently the 15th ranked prospect in rjfryman’s Live S67 Draft Rankings. Tate will be going to the VHL next season after just one incredible year in San Diego.


Hot take

Lincoln Tate is only the 15th ranked prospect heading into the draft but clearly is better than that. Lincoln should be the number one pick on draft night! In 5 seasons, when a redraft media spot is published, Lincoln will be listed at number 1. There is a future spot reserved for Lincoln Tate in the Hall-of-Fame.


To summarize:

- Seattle will won the cup in S68 with only 2 of the players they selected in the S67 draft still on their roster

- Mexico City will hold a fire sale next season on their way to finishing DEAD LAST in the VHLM

- Lincoln Tate will be ranked first overall in a redraft in 5 seasons from now on his way to a Hall of Fame career


That is my three Hot Takes for this week. Hope you all enjoyed.


Congrats to all who got drafted in the VHLM draft last night and good luck to all those who hope to hear their name called tonight in a milestone moment for each one of you!  The off season can’t end soon enough... we need some hockey around here again!


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