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Fresh Start in Philly


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With the conclusion of the S67 VHLM Dispersal Draft, Ricky Johnson went from being a mid season pick up by the Minnesota Storm to playing what would be his first full season with the last season champs Philadelphia Reapers. Selected by the Reapers in the 3rd round as the 28th pick, Johnson claims to be approaching this season with a lot to prove after only gaining minimal experience the season prior.


VHLM media caught up with Johnson a few days after the draft to discuss how he felt about relocating to his new team in Philadelphia and to share his thoughts on the upcoming season. He stated:


"It's great to be a part of this Philadelphia organization. I had no clue what to expect going into the draft, although I was hoping to stay in Minnesota seeing as I just had settled into the lifestyle there. Nonetheless, I couldn't be more grateful to be where I am now and with this team. The lifestyle will always take some time to getting use to anyway, right? I mean I also have some family ties here so they'll be able to maybe help me out too."


"I've been working hard this off-season to improve quite a bit. I lacked a lot in overall skill and physically last season, so I'm working on getting those two things up to speed. It'll be interesting to be able to play a full season this year. Not only will I be able to get to know my guys better, but I'll be able to get a full taste of what the VHLM is all about. As for the team, I'm hoping we can make another run for the title, but this time I'm hoping to be a part of that. The organization is still fairly new compared to some of the other teams, so I'd hope to be part of their growing history."



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