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Finn Davison on last season and upcoming season


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UK Goaltender, Finn Davison is coming off a playoff where he recorded the 9th best series that a goaltender has ever had in a series stopping 95 of 99 shots against a highly favored Riga team that should have beaten the Dynamo. Now, he is moving into a new season with a lot of new faces. In fact, the Dynamo have now traded Codrick Past, Elias Dahlberg, Pat Svobody, and Rylan Peace. All of these guys were huge players last season for the Dynamo. They have brought in Jake Davis who is fantastic. They have also brought in Charlie Paddywagon and Konstantin Mulligan. 


However, that leaves with an intense hole at the forward position. They only have 3 forwards on the roster in Draper, Madden and Katie Warren. 



"Well, it seems like we needed a little bit of a rebuild or re-tool I guess you can say. We did bring in Jake Davis who will be awesome for our team, but I am not seeing him yet on our roster. Maybe the VHL needs to get updated or something, but I am not seeing it. Now, I had a good season, not great. We surpassed all expectations of what people thought we'd do, but this year, who knows. I know I am not getting any younger here. I want to win, I know we can do it here, but we need to start putting it together." 


Will Davos do better with the players or will it be a disappointing season? They want to get further and further, it's a fun place to be. 

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