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Toronto Legion: Offseason "To Do" List

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The Legion missed the playoffs after shocking back to back cup wins. What can they do this offseason to return to the playoffs?


At this point, I think we all need to truly tip our caps to Devise. The man hasn't had any picks throughout his entire tenure as GM, yet has consistently build competitive teams. He has already acquired superstar Rylan Peace from Davos this offseason, and they have a great defense core, headlined by Tzuyu and Ryan Sullivan Jr. They also have an incredible first forward line, with Arroyo, Peace, and King. Unfortunately for the Legion, they don't have anything else besides those guys. They have already traded all their picks that can be traded, so how can they acquire more talent to try to contend?


Free Agency


Since they have no draft picks, Toronto has to invest heavily in free agency if they want to get better. They have 14 million in cap space, and there are a couple specific guys they need to go all in on.


Cayden Saint


Saint is a defenseman for the Riga Reign, and he is about to become a free agent. While Dan Montgomery will also be available, Helsinki will most likely be able to re-sign him. The Reign don't have that option for Saint, as they are hard pressed against the cap with Saint not under contract. There is no way Saint will be able to re-sign with Riga unless they go out of their way to deal guys to make room for him. The Legion could use Saint as a second pairing defenseman that they desperately need, as they only have three defensemen on the roster (only two are active). Even though Saint is most likely inactive, he will still positively impact the Legion. The Legion will still most likely be able to pick him up through the inactive free agency system unless Moscow swoops in and steals him.


Veran Dragomir


Dragomir can be considered one of the top forwards the VHL has to offer. His 72 points last season was lower than his previous years, but his value is still there. The Legion only have one good line, so picking up Dragomir will make that line even better, while dropping down King or Arroyo to the second line will add depth to the team. Davos has enough cap space to re-sign Dragomir, but does Dragomir want to sign there? Fellow Davos player Jake Davis just signed a contract with Davos, so perhaps that will make Dragomir want to re-sign. If that's not the case, the Legion need to land Dragomir at all costs.


There are many questions surrounding Toronto. Is the goaltending of JB Rift good enough to lead a team to the playoffs? Even if they sign both guys I mentioned, they still may not be good enough to make the playoffs. Calgary and Vancouver are bound to make it back to the postseason, while Moscow is ready to fight for the conference crossover. If they sign Davis and Saint, I still think it won't be enough for Toronto to make the playoffs unless Devise pulls out a miracle.


Potential S67 Legion lineup:





Sullivan Jr-Tzuyu



JB Rift in net

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