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Davos selects Aston Martin fourth overall


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Davos selects Aston Martin fourth overall

July 3, 2019




The much anticipated Season 67 VHL Entry concluded just a short while ago and VHL.com sat down with the fourth overall pick in the draft, Aston Martin, for a couple quik questions on his big draft night.


Talk a little bit about how you felt hearing your name called and putting on that Davos jersey for the first time



"It was a dream come true honestly, hearing Mr. Glade announce my name with the fourth pick. It's a night I have been looking forward to for a while now and it's exciting to see where I will be playing in the VHL. Going through the draft preparation process, I had a good sense that they were interested in me at this pick, but you never know what happens on draft night and with this talented crop of prospects. I couldn't be happier landing in Davos, I think it will be a great fit for me to be apart of a locker room with good veteran presence and a large draft class from S67 to go along with it. I see big things in our future"


Speaking of the draft class, are you excited with how the rest of the draft for Davos unfolded here tonight?



"I am thrilled with the overall draft class. It started with Scoringsson falling to 9, which I think was a major steal there in the first. I've played many games against Bjorn including the VHLM championship series and I can tell you he is a hell of a player. Guy Legrande, Dan Gles, Brandon LeBlanc - the list goes on of highly talented up and coming players in this league. I think we are building a nice young core to go along with our veteran star power."


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