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Malmo team uses huge couch they purchased to bribe Calgary to give them their 24th pick


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After Calgary traded their 24th overall pick to Malmo, some speculated that a third round pick from S68 was headed Calgary's way. However, I can confirm that isn't the case. As the VSN Insider for the VHL, rumblings of an odd deal emerged. Since a "huge couch" wasn't a viable trading piece on the portal, Malmo had to replace it with a third round pick so it didn't seem too suspicious.


The couch they purchased was used during the playoffs to watch both the VHLM and VHL. Many members of Malmo say that the couch had an extremely unusual odor after the inital series with New York and Vancouver. They also say the odor didn't appear until after that series. They say it got even worse after Glades series winning goal vs Calgary. Some suspect their is foul play going on. Many believe the Matthew Materazo's son Xander is the culprit, and him not being potty trained is the cause of the smell. They say he takes dumps in the crevesses of the couch. 


It is also suspected that the ungodly amount of liquor that was drunk on that couch could also affect the well being of the couch. It's not certain why Calgary would give up a third rounder for such a smelly couch; perhaps Bushito just wanted to go to bed.





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