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The top 3 of this year's VHL Entry Draft were all relatively surprising. Many seemed to think that the top 3 would consist of Hogan, Scoringsonn and Martin, but the reality is very different indeed. Today I will be breaking down each of the top 3 picks in this year's draft, and trying to make sense of why each team picked the player they did.


1. :rig: Riga Reign: D - Lincoln Tate (San Diego Marlins)

With the first overall pick of the S67 VHL Entry Draft, the Riga Reign shocked viewers worldwide, picking up Lincoln Tate of the San Diego Marlins, who is considered by most scouts to be the number 2 defenseman in the draft, and was generally expected to go in the 3-10 range. Tate, a young, offensive-minded defenseman, had an outstanding debut showing in the VHLM, helping the San Diego Marlins team make the playoffs in their inaugural season. He had 88 points (20 goals, 68 assists) in 65 regular season games, and finished second in votes for the Ryan Sullivan Trophy, the award given to the VHLM's top defenseman. Tate recorded 5 points in 4 playoff games for the Marlins, in a valiant attempt to hold of the Halifax 21st in the first round. Many theories have gone out as to why Tate went 1st overall, and it is common belief that his positive attitude and self assurance makes him a very appetizing player for VHL GMs. Unfortunately, people are always quik to criticize and there has been a lot of negativity towards the pick, but Tate is ready to prove his GM right and everyone else wrong.


2. :sea: Seattle Bears: G - Rayz Funk (Mississauga Hounds)

Generally seeing a goalie be taken in the first round, let alone  second overall, is a rarity in hockey. However, with Tristan Iseult deciding to take a break from the sport, and the unlikeness of him making a return while he still has life in him, Seattle GM Blake Campbell clearly understood that it was imperative to bring in a franchise starter. The match was perfect. Funk is a goalie with immediate franchise potential and Seattle is a team that needs a franchise goalie immediately. So although goalies being taken in the first round is generally a frowned upon idea, it makes perfect sense in this case. Seattle will be able to get him into the action right off the bat, without wasting any time. Funk posted mediocre stats last season, but VHLM goaltender stats are often misleading. One factor is that he played for the Hounds, who weren't very strong defensively, so it was often left up to Funk to make a lot of big saves. Another thing to consider is that Funk started every single game of the season, which is no easy feat for such a young goalie, and his stats may have been affected as a result of exhaustion. Despite all this, Funk was able to keep solid form and showed tremendous athleticism and flashes of brilliance throughout the season. Overall, this pick was unusual like the first one, but it will pay off for Seattle.


3. :mal: Malmo Nighthawks: C - Phil Marleau (San Diego Marlins)

Malmo continued the surprise trend with the third overall pick, drafting another San Diego Marlin, Phil Marleau, much higher than was expected. Marleau's offensive stats weren't amazing last season, but solid. He does chip in defensively more than most players in the draft, but it still doesn't account for him going third overall. Most people seem to think Marleau is a very personable guy, and a great teammate.The big 2-way forward from Austrailia, is a leader on and off the ice. He also brings an element of physicality to the ice, which is something that the Nighthawks pride themselves in. It is likely he will be the team's second line center once Mikka Pajari is off the team in a few season, and will be part of a young generation of Nighthawks that could win cups in a few seasons. Overall, Marleau is a decent fit for Malmo, though not great. He should bring some interesting 2-way play to the team next season, and will likely do the same for many years to come.

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23 minutes ago, Advantage said:

Waa very unsurprising to me outside of Hogan.


Phil and Martin are very similar TPE wise once Phil updates his achievement tracker and everything else.  And with his track record I favored him.



This will prove to be a mistake brother. 


Jk Marleau a beauty 

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