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Helsinki Titans Draft Derek England

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It appears that Derek England will not be headed to Seattle which is the home of the Bears. In an interesting turn of events the Helsinki Titans traded up to steal Derek England away from Esso and the NY Americans! We can not confirm all these reports but in our analysis we believe that the Seattle Bears were going to draft England at 17 but it appears that the NY Americans were actually going to pick him up at 16. For whatever reason, Esso, could not pass up the Titans offer and this is why England landed in Helsinki to get his VHL career going after only one year in the Minor League as a Mexican King. Reports have also showed that England was disgruntled with the Kings after a slip up in line changes and Mexi-G was put in place of their star goaltender. We overheard that England was happy to get out of Mexico and he caught the first plane out to Finland right after hearing his name called for the Titans. We have heard that Esso has an ungodly amount of draft picks in the upcoming seasons and England wishes them well. He did make a comment that he hopes the Bears end up in last place once again and stay there for eternity. It appears that England is looking forward to making all the other teams in the VHL pay for not drafting him higher or even considering him as a draftee. 


The one thing that we have learned about this new player, Derek England, is that he is a madman in the way of TPE earning and Media. He seems to relish in it and only looks forward to every chance he can get to earn more of these coveted points. He did point out that he had to give up a few TPE as he didn't want to get into International GM'ing this early in his career. He felt that he should leave that to the glory hounds and big boys. On another interesting note, it appears that England is back to the donation tactics that he implemented last season. Although last season he was a few weeks late to the party... this season he has had a jump or head start on the situation and will be gaining two doubles weeks, a week of 5 extra uncapped TPE and also an extra cool million dollars for the Player Store. Hopefully all transactions went through smoothly and in about 3 weeks he will have all claims updated!


England has also confirmed that he is going to worry about getting his Defense up to 99 before anything else. It appears that he will be able to move up quickly in TPE at an alarming rate and we wouldn't doubt that he should be in the 400 to 500 range by next offseason. The math could be wrong on that estimate but the point is we believe he will be on cruise control for the rest of his career making teams pay as he passes the puck through the needle letting his big guns score for his team! Eventually he will have to get more physical and increase checking but for now he has said he is more worried about moving up to at least 90 in way of Defense! We wish England well and hope that he has a long and lustrous career in Finland as England is a team first kind of player and wants to be one of the core guys never to be traded away.

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