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Luciano Valentino Biography [2/2]

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Luciano Valentino

Position: Defenseman

Age: 18

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 217 LBS

Hometown: Potenza, Italy

Handedness: Right



Early Childhood


Luciano Valentino was born in the southern foothills of Italy in the small town of Potenza. His father, Luigi, owned the local radio station, ITL90.7 with his main broadcast being on Italian sports. Luciano's mother, Daisy, owned and worked as the head chef the local family restaurant, Valentino's serving authentic Italian dishes.  Luciano would listen to his Luigi's sports broadcasts while helping Daisy run the kitchen at the restaurant. Holding a broom in one hand and dangling a stale roll across the kitchen tiles, Luciano loved imitating the hockey games his father would cover. He was entranced by the speed and agility that his countrymen Michele Strazzabosco and Gaetano Orlando had on the ice. His father's voice would boom when there was a big play happening, filling the young Luciano with adrenaline and big dreams.



Lucanio Valentino's hometown of Potenza, Italy


Growing Pains


Luciano knew that ice hockey was not a popular sport in Italy but it was Luigi's love of the sport that inspired him. He wasn't a stellar student and didn't take schooling as serious as others but he did succeded enough to make his parent's proud so that he may spend more time in the rink.  Daisy never truly understood the sport and always wanted him to take over the family restaurant when he's old enough. However, it wasn't until she received a phone call from Luciano's principal informing that her son had been missing class in the past few days. That very night, a cheerful Luciano came home to two upset parents asking him where he was. Luciano confessed, "Mama mia, Mi dispiace! I just wanted to skate and practice at the rink by myself and get away from my classmates. They think my love for hockey is pointless and think I'm going to be a chef my entire life." He broke out in tears on his hockey bag but his parents looked at each other and comforted him.  "If it weren't for your father's crazy obsession with the sport, I know this wouldn't happen," Daisy started. "But I know how much you love being on the ice and playing your heart out, I can't think of a time you smiled as hard as your first time on skates," she continued. With a long sigh and a subtle eye roll, she admitted, "Your father has been talking about a private school that has the greatest hockey program in the country. Your father and I have already spoken about it and I'm convinced you should be happy doing what you love amore mio." Luciano's tears of sadness turned to joy, He couldn't believe what he just heard. Luigi picked up his son giving him a big hug, " My Luciano is going to be a hockey player dammit!" he cheered. Daisy came from behind and embraced the two, "That's good cause hopefully you'll be a better hockey player than a chef."




Lucanio Valentino as a Freshman at Massimiliano Massimo private school


New School, New Me


Getting more accustomed to the classes and the idea of living at the school, Luciano flourished in his new environment.  He actually took care in his coursework knowing that his parents have spent nickel and dime on him being there in the first place however he took even greater care out on the rink. On the day of try-outs, while his classmates were shaking in their skates, Luciano felt confident that all of his practice would pay off. He excelled in every drill. His puck handling, his passing, and his overall skating skill and speed were unlike anything the coaches had ever seen.  During the scrimmages, he put his skills on display making fast plays look effortless and leaving his fellow teammates that were on the bench in awe. Thus encouraging them to play harder and faster. Yet, Luciano had not displayed his true calling of shutting down his opponent in the defensive zone. Using his size and speed, he was able to disrupt any opportunities created by his opponents while on the penalty kill, covering two or even three players at a time. To no one's surprise, Luciano was selected to the team and he was in pure bliss knowing that his dream is starting to come true. After informing his parents about his achievement, they couldn't have been more proud. They attended his first game and saw the dramatic shift in Luciano's overall persona. His skills were improved, he was focused and in his true environment. Luciano ended his first game with two goals, five assists, and four blocked shots. "That's my boy out there," Luigi telling the other parents with great pride. Luciano reunited with his parents after the game to tell them all about his experiences and new friends he's made since started class.  As the years progressed, so did Luciano's game as well. By the time he was a junior, he had already shattered major school records such as most blocked shots and most assists in a single game. When he wasn't in class, he was known for hitting the gym to match his height with strength. With the 6'3" 217-pound defenseman entering his senior year, he knew that this was his final shot at making a name for himself on an international level. His dream was so close he could almost feel himself putting on a VHLM jersey one day. He started the season with a hattrick, three assists and taking five blocked shots to help his goalie secure a shut out. He took out a lot of his anger from his childhood bullies on his opponents by shutting them down, hitting them and sometimes chirping at them. By the time of graduation, Lucanio secured the records of most all-time points by a defenseman and most hattricks.




Luciano at his final game his graduation year.


The Draft


"Do you think they'll really notice me all the way in North America?", Luciano asked his parents while glued to the television set of the VHLM draft. His father put his arm around him, "If they don't then they're blinder than a bat in a cave at midnight." Luciano started to have negative thoughts such as "what if I really do end up being a chef all my life because I'm just not good enough?" He frowned and let out a soft sigh until his mother put her hand on his face, "My child, you know I would never let you end up doing something you don't enjoy. Whatever happens tonight, I will still support you and your dream," she assured. Lucanio smiled and sat in between the two to watch the draft start. Pick after pick, round after round, names were being called up from a lot of different places but not his. Anxious, Luciano left the couch to grab more vino to unwind from all the built-up stress until he heard a loud scream from both his parents that caused him to drop the bottle. "What's wrong? What happened?" Luciano asked. "Looks like they're not so blind after my boy!" his dad exclaimed pointing at the television stating his name. Luciano Valentino selected 53rd Overall by the Halifax 21st. Overwhelmed and overtired from staying up so late, Luciano embraced both his parents for all the love and support in fulfilling his lifelong dream in an opportunity to play hockey professionally from an unlikely place.



A wild Luciano Valentino is his natural habitat

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Review: love the details, like playing hockey with a broom while his father narrated games on the radio. that’s a strong, personal detail that brings Luciano’s childhood to life. the leap to boarding school was def a pivotal moment in his young life and you depicted the challenges well. awesome read man!

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