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ECN's Off-Season Special "Free Agency"


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ECN's Off-Season Special

Free Agency

In this article, we will dwell into FA signings in VHL and see what has been the biggest surprise!


There have been 4 FA signings this offseason: 

Firstly, Cayden Saint, a quality defenceman, that has been overlooked lately because of so much talent in VHL, decided to part ways with Riga Reign and is heading to Toronto, his fourth team in last 5 seasons. This move clearly makes Toronto look like one of the top teams in North American conference consider they already have Rylan Peace, Ryan Sullivan Jr. and Oyorro Aroyyo who have established themselves as Star players in VHL.


Secondly, Robert Malenko is heading to Calgary. An interesting signing for Calgary as they take up an older defenceman with lots of experience for an already highly talented team. Malenko is seasons 63 and 64 had outstanding numbers, that is what Calgary is betting on, they are hopeful that Robert Malenko can return to his old self and become an offensive powerhouse on their blue line.


Thirdly, Veran Dragomir joined Toronto Legion and is hoping for a deep playoff run in his last season in VHL. After an amazing career in VHL, Veran is hoping to go for a deep playoff run with Toronto, he now has a chance not only to perform on a high level with Toronto's star-filled roster but show that in his last season he will be a force to reckon with.


Lastly, an older goaltender Tristan Iseult is hoping that he can provide leadership and guidance to a truly young and promising roster of New York Americans. NY is not going to be a playoff competitor this season, but with quality goaltending, they might give some of the other, higher-ranking teams a beating on the ice as they have a roster of gritty and tough players like ACL TEAR, Blake Laughton, Mountain Thunderfist and Nethila Dissanayake.


That will be it for our Special coverage of FA moves in VHL!

Brought to you by Frostbeard Entertainment


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