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Numbers Don't Lie

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This article is an in depth comparison between my player, Trevor Van Lagen, and the 7 centres that were drafted ahead of me in this past draft.  All stats are updated as of 9:21am EST.


First there is a breakdown of each of the 8 players in comparison. The breakdown is explained like this:


Draft Pos. - Name - Team

Goals, Assists, Points, Shots, Hits

Total TPE

TPE earned per week to date

Skating, Strength, Puck Handling, Faceoffs, Passing, Scoring, Defence

Percentage of decisions that will be made (Scoring, Passing, Skating) grouped into three categories sorted by results of that decision - 80+ = Good , 60-79 = average , 40-59 = poor


Lastly, I break down how I rank in all the categories above and have separated them into three groups: Stats, TPE, Builds


Here goes:


3rd - Phil Marleau (Malmo)

27g 38a 65p 206s 304h

266 TPE (66banked)

23.55 per week

75SK 40ST 50PH 60FO 50PA 75SC 75DF

75% - Average

25% - poor


4th - Aston Martin (Davos)

47g 53a 100p 320s 73h

299 TPE (2 banked)

24.75 per week

80SK 40ST 80PH 73FO 70PA 84SC 77DF

78.6 - good

21.4 - average


8th - Michael Gary Scott (Vancouver)

42g 42a 84p 242s 117h

318 TPE (3 banked)

29.5 per week

81SK 42ST 80PH 72FO 76PA 85SC 75DF

68.6% - good

31.4% - average


10th - Boris the Forest (New York)

33g 33a 66p 224s 90h

307 TPE (3 banked)

17.5 per week

70SK 40ST 70PH 70FO 75PA 86SC 86DF

37.2% - good

62.8% - average


13th - Scott Greene (Seattle)

27g 20a 47p 162s 78h

274 TPE (0 banked)

24 per week

70SK 43ST 70PH 70FO 72PA 85SC 82DF

37.4% - good

62.6% - average


18th - Dan Gles (Davos)

34g 62a 96p 292s 72h

242 TPE (0 banked)

20.17 per week

80SK 71ST 70PH 70FO 65PA 70SC 75DF

37.2% - good

62.8% - average


22nd - Scotty BigShotty (Moscow)

11g 8a 19p 72s 56p

204 TPE (4 banked)

16.67 per week

70SK 50ST 60PH 70FO 65PA 75SC 75DF

100% - average


24th - Trevor Van Lagen (Malmo)

28g 46a 74p 235s 109h

257 TPE (1 banked)

23.27 per week

80SK 46ST 80PH 70FO 40PA 80SC 80DF

80% - good

20% - poor



Stats Rank:

Goals - 5th

Assists - 3rd

Points - 4th

Shots - 4th

Hits - 3rd

Average: 3.8 (top 4)


TPE Rank:

TPE - 6th

TPE per week - 5th

Average: 5.5 (top 6)


Build Rank:

Skating - 2nd (tied with 2 others)

Strength - 3rd 

Puck Handling - 1st (tied with 2 others)

Face offs - 3rd (tied with 4 others)

Passing - 8th

Scoring - 5th

Defence - 3rd

Average: 3.57 (Top 4)


I felt coming into the draft I wasn’t getting the hype my players deserved which is why I posted a few articles trying to hype me up and in the end I fell to the third round still.  It was my connections in Halifax that ended up getting me selected finally in the third round when @Advantage realized “Holy cow this guy is still available this late” and decided to trade up for me in order to not let that opportunity slip away.  


My player is clearly a top 4 Center in this draft and the numbers prove it. A few of the guys ahead of me got a boost from carry over TPE or heavy donations which is all fair game but it does take away from how committed I was to earning the max I could every week, something that isn’t going to stop.


For those drafted ahead of me, congrats! You all have put in the hard work and deserved this. 


To those that passed on me numerous times, suck it. I’m going to make you regret it.



 634 words.  Claiming for week 14/07/19


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Just now, VanCanWin said:

@Beaviss I’d say you could definitely make a case for him to be a top 3 player anyways 


I did my homework he had top 2 highest TPE per week. Which is a large part of my drafting style.

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15 minutes ago, Beaviss said:


I did my homework he had top 2 highest TPE per week. Which is a large part of my drafting style.


Nice ?? That’s my style of scouting ? good pick up for you, especially having a late first round pick 

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