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Ondrej Ohradka, "OO7" - Rookie Profile [2/2]

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Name: Ondrej Ohradka
Position: Left Wing
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 207 lbs
Shoots: Right
DOB: November 29, 2001
Birthplace: Trencin, Slovakia
Youth Team: HK Dukla Trencin U20
Drafted: S67 VHML Round 7 #68 by Minnesota Storm


From the hockey-mad city of Trencin and the team that developed such Slovakian greats such as Zigmund Palffy, Marian Hossa and Marian Gaborik, comes the next scoring phenom to tantalize hockey fans worldwide!


There’s a lot to like about the 6’ 1”, 207-lb winger that dominated the Slovak Extraliga the past two seasons as a teenager. He registered 90 points in 83 games over two seasons with HK Dukla Trencin. Dubbed “OO7” or the “Man with the Golden Gun” due to his sniping ability, Ohradka lead the team with 60 points in 50 games this year, pacing Trencin in goals with 30 and ranking 2nd in assists and penalty minutes. 




While still a bit of a raw talent, Ohradka is an extremely skilled winger with fantastic offensive instincts. He is a shifty skater, he stickhandles well and sees the ice at an elite level. His elite wrist shot is second to none and he plays the game with great poise. While being a driver of whatever line he plays on, he is also responsible defensively and uses his speed to position himself to negate the opposition’s chances.


What scouts are saying:


  • “He’s a strong, driven skater. Good luck getting the puck off him. You love his competitive edge, too. Good speed. Nice to see he plays both sides of the ice.”
  • "He’s got all the tools and had a better draft season than Gaborik or Hossa. He’s got Hossa’s two-way game, Tatar’s shiftiness, with a sprinkle of Ovechkin’s passion and fire. Fantastic combo to start a career with.”



Wrist shot: Ohradka torched goalies to the tune of 30 goals in 52 games this season and his primary weapon was a dazzling wrist shot that has been described as heavy yet quik and sneaky. Even after two years, Extraliga goalies have had a hard time getting a read on his shot.


Two-way play: Ohradka is a special teams specialist. He has been a mainstay on Dukla Trencin’s power play and also sees considerable time killing penalties, something rare for a player of his age. Due to his skating and shooting ability, he is a shorthanded threat every time he’s on the ice.
Physical play: One thing that has impressed scouts the most is his lack of fear and his willingness to engage in the physical side of the game. He hits with abandon, goes in the corners, participates in scrums and even got into a fight this year. He has no trouble going up against larger defensemen, often skating right through them.




Hand-Eye:  While he displays deft puck handling skills, if there is one area scouts would like to see improvement in it is his hand-eye coordination. He is never used as a net presence on the power play partially due to the effectiveness of his shot from the wall but also because he is terrible at deflections. Also, even though he’s not a center, as a penalty-killing forward, his faceoffs need work.


Durability: Before playing almost a full slate of games for HK Dukla Trencin this past season, Ohradka dealt with shoulder injuries each of the two prior seasons that caused him to miss at least 40 games over that span as well as the 2017 World Junior Championships. His performance this season seemed to prove that the shoulder is back to 100%, but a few scouts have mentioned seeing him favor the left shoulder after games toward the end of the season.


Recklessness: Without a doubt, scouts love Ohradka’s physical side, but he can take it too far on occasion. One scout said, “He has a bit of a “bull in a china shop” mentality. He plays on the edge often, he has a short fuse and he needs to control himself better, especially since he’s an offensive player. His team needs him on the ice not in the penalty box.”


After being drafted this week by the Minnesota Storm, #68 overall, Ondrej Ohradka is looking forward to coming to North America and the VHLM to make his mark as the next Slovakian sniper.

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Review: Well done rookie profile. I liked the colors you added and the stat box. I liked the inclusion of "what scouts are saying". The only thing I would really add is a conclusion that sort of wraps everything up in his rookie profile. Well done!

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