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Post Draft S61 Class Live Ranking


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Post Draft Live S61 Class Rankings


Rank Change Draft Postion Player Name Position TPE Team Nat. Member
1   Undrafted Podrick Cast C 1611 MOS GB Victor
2   Undrafted Matt Thompson LW 1559 MAL CA Beketov
3   Undrafted Beau Louth C 1412 FA CA Beaviss
4   Undrafted Sebastian Ironside C 1183 CGY SE DollarAndADream
5   6th Overall Edwin Preencarnacion D 1064 FA DO Tagger
6   4th Overall Roger Sterling G 955 FA CA Will
7   10th Overall Marvin Harding D 777 FA US .sniffuM
8   Undrafted Robert Malenko D 748 DCD CA pennypenny
9   Undrafted Mikka Pajari C 718 MAL CH Devise
10   11th Overall Alvaro Jokinen D 700 FA FI Ahma
11   2nd Overall Samuel Gate D 610 FA US street
12   Undrafted Sergei Kovalev RW 484 FA RU Laflamme
13   16th Overall Lew Bronstein C 353 FA GB troy
14   Undrafted Arvid Aamo G 189 FA NO Daniel
15   14th Overall Chat D 90 FA US eaglesfan036
16   13th Overall Jordan Tonn Jr RW 69 FA CA None
17   18th Overall Wolf Edmunds RW 38 FA US None
18   23th Overall Victor Ball G 38 FA US None
19   Undrafted Tomos Walker RW 38 FA GB None
20   Undrafted Zippy Zaramo LW 36 FA CA None

Includes all players in the S61 VHL Draft Class who have added TPE to their player. Once your player has had an update approved by updaters that puts you over 30 TPE, you'll be added to the rankings. 

Last updated: September 25 9:00 CST 

GM Players will go to the team that their user GM's. They will appear undrafted.



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@hedgehog337 with the steal of the draft. 22nd for Pajari who I could argue will finish ahead of the couple names close to him just above me, as I believe I'm just out earning them as this pace. Either way a player competing to mid top 10 somehow gets dropped to 22nd. Thanks for the love other GM's! Like look at some of the players picked above me...like... Chat. Seriously, a troll name with 90 TPE? 8 picks above no less. 


But I need to now go hard on Pajari to finish career so he can be best third round draft pick of all time.

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