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S67 Philly Reapers Team Renders

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G - Fang Flashback




C - Alex Pearson




W - Case Martell




W - Sigard Gunnar

@Big Mac



W - Dylan Doyle





W - Bud Knight (special request for Dustin Byfuglien with Bud the Knights helmet)

@Dilly Dilly




D - Condor Adrienne (Special request for Cam Newton)





W - Keith Harris




W - Nathan MacKinnon





W - Scotty BigShotty




D - Brock Louth


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Players added:

W - Case Martell

W - Sigard Gunnar

W - Dylan Doyle

W - Bud Knight

D - Condor Adrienne

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On 7/9/2019 at 11:06 PM, Sonnet said:

This is a trend that I'm happy to see catching on ? 


@Jubo07 has been doing this since he became my agm, team sigs let’s the whole team look cohesive :) and I am just lucky to have my right hand man making these amazing sigs for the team.


Bet Helsinki would have some sweet looking ones, I saw your jersey swaps and they look nice :)

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Haven't claimed any of these, I'll just bulk claim as one graphic since they are a tad old now that the season is over.

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