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So the offseason still continues. Gotta say, the FA wasn't really eventful this time. All guys with player option but Malenko decided to stay in their current teams. And only Penny has decided to join a team he wanted to go since last season - Calgary. The biggest FA was obviously Dragomir. I predicted him to sign with Toronto and this time, I was right. It makes sense as he's one of S60 players alongside with Arroyo. The Legion continues to be an old team, but I think they're gonna be tough to beat. Another notable signing was Jerwa who decided to stay in NY for one or maybe two seasons. Once again, I didn't offer to any active FA's and only tried to take Iseult for backup purposes, but Esso took him from me. Fuck NY. So it's likely that once again Riga will play with a computer backup. I don't even recall I ever played with non CPU backup btw. We're also having 8 forwards and that's a rip to us cause I suck at doing more than two lines. smh.


Ok that's it for today. I think I'm at 200 words or something so good luck to all teams in S67.


2 TPE goes to Randoms

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