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Random Thoughts For my First VHL Season


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So the draft experience was interesting. 


As the draft got close I was actually getting into it a bit, familiarizing myself with the draft class and with the teams that might select me. In the end, Malmo showed faith in me enough to trade for a third round pick to ensure I was added to their squad. Overall, the experience was fun and was nice to be drafted by a team like Malmo.


Now my focus is on the upcoming season. It’ll be my first season in the pros! Expectations I feel from those outside of myself are reserved and basically operate on a “whatever we get is bonus” type of thought considering I was an unexpected steal in the third round.  It is commonly thought I will be starting my career on the wing rather than my preferred slot down the middle. 


My expectations for myself are different however. I don’t see myself as a tag-along on this team. I feel I will be a big time contributor already in season one. Yes, I’ll probably start with third line minutes on the wing but I’ll prove my worth up the middle at times. I’ll get my shot on the power play. My build is set up make the best out of whatever limited chances I do get. 


I can’t wait to get the season started! I want to make the playoffs. I want to score goals. I want to shut down other teams lines. I want to help my team in any way I can. 


Let’s do this!


259 words.

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