S67 Group 13 VHFL Draft

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F - Veran Dragomir



@Poptart   for 2 picks




updated draft list:



F -  Sebastian Ironside
F - John Madden
F - 

D - Shawn Glade

D - 
G -  Alexander Pepper



F -  Matt Thompson
F - Edwin Preecncarnacion
F - 

D - Maxim Kovalchuk

D - Paolo Nano
G -  Kallis Kriketers



F -  Juliann Borwinn
F - Blake Gaudette
F - 

D - Dan Montgomery

D - Joseph Mcwolf
G -  Michael Johnson



F -  Jake Davis
F - Shane Mars
F - Scott Shawingan

D - Samuel Gate

D - Tzuyu
G -  



F -  Podrick Cast
F - Rauno Palo
F - Veran Dragomir

D - Ryan Kastelic

D - 
G -  Brick Wahl




F -  Beau Louth
F - Kronos Bailey
F - Ryuu Crimson

D - Sidney Crosby

D - 
G -  


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also @Phil  you were supposed to make TWO PICKS when you picked John Madden



I'd say make your "2nd" pick (aka your '5th round' pick) whenever..... then your 6th rounder will end the draft.

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phil- 1112.82

studentized- 1055.07

gaudette- 1035.2200000000003

romaris- 1174.83




Payout (Everyone with 1k+ wow): 

@Romaris - 6 tpe [yikes that was close]

@gorlab - 5 tpe [literally lost by 0.61]

@Poptart - 4 tpe

@Phil - 3 tpe

@studentized - 2 tpe

@Gaudette - 1 tpe

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