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VHLM playoff rigged against expansion teams?

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After a blockbuster first round against the Sask. ESPN approached the superstar of the Mexico City Kings and one of the top rookies in the VHL next season Aleksander Rodriguez for his comments on this series.


After the regular season, lead my team so hard to be in the playoff and I did expect the Mexico City Kings to the underdogs. Unluckily the VHLM commish suspended our superstar goalie, who was FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY by not having a nomination to be the GOTY, W.Chyrnoble @Savoire Faire for TWO games because he was suspected to bring marijuana in Saskatchawan, or whatever that place is called, which later was proven that this wasn't the case! We lost two first game because of this nonsense that the league have done to us and were defeated in 5 games just because they didn"t want this expansion team to suceed! I still can't believe this, but the past is the past and I have moved on from this. I am only looking at the future for now and I hope that this doesn't happen anymore in the VHLM nor in the VHL. In my hearts we were the true champions. Btw, OTTAWA CHOKED BADLY, RIP MY OLD TEAM GAHAHAHAHAH.



This article was just for fun and I am not pointing fingers against any of the people who does the sim engine



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